• Techa delcious yet moodily lit raspberry pie

    Self-Hosted Alternatives to Proprietary Services You Can Run on Raspberry Pi

    Many of the services you use online are owned and run by data-hungry, privacy-destroying tech behemoths that can withdraw your favorite service, change it, or break it on a whim. With a Raspberry Pi you can run your own private services, so your data stays yours and you’re no longer at the mercy of predatory tech companies. These are the…

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  • TechClose up of Nintendo Switch Joy Cons

    How to Replace Your Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Shells

    Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons come in a huge variety of fun colors, but they simply might not appeal to you. Perhaps you’re trying to recreate the Animal Crossing edition Joy-Cons, or your old shells are damaged and need replacing. Regardless of your reasons, swapping your Joy-Con shells is a tricky process that can easily go wrong. In this guide, we will…

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  • Tech1687598168 untitled design 4 1

    How Does an if-else Statement Work on Arduino?

    There are many core commands found in modern programming languages. If-else statements are one of the most common you will find, featuring in both simple and complex applications. But how do you use an if-else statement with an Arduino? What Programming Languages Do Arduinos Use? Most Arduino programming involves the Arduino IDE. But what programming language do Arduinos use? The…

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  • Tech1687791973 3d printer maintenance

    How to Maintain Your FDM 3D Printer

    FDM 3D printers have to endure a lot of stress throughout their lives. Long prints can leave your 3D printer moving for hours or even days on end, putting stress on the components and creating the need for routine maintenance. But how do you maintain an FDM 3D printer? Let’s find out. What Is 3D Printer Maintenance? Like any machine…

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  • Techraspberrypi staticip router

    How Do I Set a Static IP Address on Raspberry Pi?

    If you’re using your Raspberry Pi as a home server or often need to access it remotely from another device, setting a static IP address for it is a very good idea. This means you’ll be able to find it at the same Raspberry Pi static IP address every time, rather than a new address being set dynamically whenever it…

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  • Techarduino uno r4 front

    Why the New Arduino Uno R4 Is a Game-Changer for Makers

    Arduino, the open-source electronics platform that has been empowering hobbyists and makers for over a decade, recently launched its latest addition to the Uno line, the Arduino Uno R4. Building upon the remarkable legacy of its predecessor, the R3 that has been around since 2010, this new is poised to change things for makers. With a completely new SoC from…

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  • Techdesigning a pet friendly home office

    10 Tips to Create a Pet-Friendly Home Office as a Remote Worker

    Working in your home office can be less enjoyable without the calming and happiness-inducing presence of your pet. But you’ll need to make your workspace more pet-friendly before bringing your four-legged friend inside. Pet-proofing your home office isn’t too difficult. Things like cable management, room layout optimization, and pet-friendly furniture can instantly make your remote workspace more welcoming for your…

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  • Tech1688881390 reuse old pc

    18 Unique Creative Projects to Reuse Your Old PC

    When you’re upgrading to a new PC, you might wonder what to do with your old hardware. You could sell it or keep it as an emergency backup machine, but you could also put it to more creative uses. Before you dispose of your PC and buy a new one, consider whether you can improve it (by upgrading parts rather…

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  • Techhand inserts flash drive into laptop

    How to Get Data Off an Old or Broken USB Flash Drive

    USB flash drives are one of the most useful pieces of tech you’ll ever come across, but they’re also rather fickle. There’s nothing more annoying than plugging in a USB drive with important data on it only to find your data has been lost to an unknown issue. Luckily, most USB drive issues can be resolved without losing data. All…

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  • Tech1689144373 hand inserts flash drive into laptop

    How to Get Data Off an Old or Broken USB Flash Drive

    USB flash drives are one of the most useful pieces of tech you’ll ever come across, but they’re also rather fickle. There’s nothing more annoying than plugging in a USB drive with important data on it only to find your data has been lost to an unknown issue. Luckily, most USB drive issues can be resolved without losing data. All…

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  • Techraspberry pi comparison

    8 Key Factors to Consider When Choosing a Single-Board Computer

    A single-board computer (SBC for short) is one that has the processor, storage, memory, input/output, and other features built on a single circuit board. SBCs are capable of performing all the standard operations a typical computer can do, and they usually include a GPIO header that allows them to interface with electronic components. Additionally, they are usually quite compact and…

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  • Techraspberry pi imager advanced options pi zero 1

    How to Use the Raspberry Pi Imager’s Advanced Options

    The Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer with diverse applications. While it’s meant to be easy to set up and use, many people still find the process a bit challenging. To this end, the official Raspberry Pi Imager tool makes writing an operating system onto a microSD card to use with your Raspberry Pi super-easy. In addition, Imager has a…

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  • Techsmart assistant on table

    5 Weird Things You Never Considered Adding to Your IoT

    From the way we store our foods to the clothes we wear, more devices are connected to our networks than ever before. With new products to help track everything from your baby’s changes to the temperature of your favorite breakfast beverage, those numbers are likely to continue to increase. While some innovations may seem obvious, other recent devices might not…

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  • Techsd card holder with cards inside

    How to 3D Print a Simple SD Memory Card Holder

    If you have several SD cards (or other memory cards) around your office, home, or studio, you will need a place to keep them safe and easily accessible. This is important to avoid misplacing them, especially if they contain crucial data. You can use various methods to make your card holder at home, and 3D printing is one of them.…

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  • Techsolder paste

    What Is Solder Paste and What Is It Used For?

    Solder paste is among the list of few essentials required to solder electronic components onto a printed circuit board. But what exactly is solder paste, what is it made up of, and how do you use it to solder components? Let’s dive in to find out. What Is Solder Paste? Solder paste is a mixture of powdered solder and solder…

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  • Techclosed microsoft surface on a blue surface

    5 Methods for Removing Scratches From Your Laptop

    Scratches are ugly. They are not great to look at, they look unprofessional, and they can diminish the value of your laptop. But everyone makes mistakes, and slip-ups happen every now and then. We are here to tell you not to fret; there might still be something you can do to remove or hide the scratches—as long as they aren’t…

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  • Techbreadboard project

    GSM vs Bluetooth Modules: Which One Is Best for Your Project?

    GSM and Bluetooth modules are two of the most commonly used wireless communication modules in modern DIY projects. What’s more, they have proven to be more reliable and easy to integrate than other types—like Wi-Fi modules that require an internet connection. While it may seem like an easy pick, understanding the fundamental differences between these two module types can be…

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  • Techraspberry pi cases

    The 6 Best 3D Printed Cases for Your Raspberry Pi 4B

    A case isn’t essential for a Raspberry Pi, but it can protect your single-board computer from dust, sudden drops, natural elements, and hyperactive pets. A case can also add aesthetic value to your DIY project. Although there are numerous cases available to buy, none can quite match the appeal of making a case with your own specifications for your Raspberry…

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  • Techmuo diy raspberrypi quake fi1

    How to Host a Quake LAN Party on a Raspberry Pi

    Quake is one of the greatest multiplayer gaming experiences you will find. The follow-up to Doom is essentially a first-person shooter but also features a stunning multiplayer (co-op and versus) mode. Like an FPS Fortnite, Quake delivers a memorable gaming experience. And you don’t need to pay for an expensive server (or lug a PC around as in the old…

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  • Techwhat is arduino featured alt 1

    What Is Arduino? What Can You Do With It? Explained

    If you’re anything like us, tinkering with electronics is something you’d like to do—in theory, at least. Maybe you like dissecting broken gadgets, but never do anything with the bits you find other than stash them away for a rainy day (a drawer full of microwave parts? Check!). But who has the time to learn such a complex topic? Arduino…

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