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    How to Play Google’s Katamari Minigame

    Google is known for adding a bit of fun to its search engine through Easter eggs and minigames. And the fun doesn’t stop as Google has added the Katamari minigame to its collection. The original game was launched for PlayStation 2 in 2004, and you could play as the “Prince of All Cosmos”. As The Prince, you had to roll…

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  • Techbest smartphones sony

    The Best Smartphones of 2023

    The smartphone market has grown exponentially as companies fight to release flagship products every year. It explains the growing selection of premium smartphones from Apple, Samsung, and Sony, among other reputable brands. Whether you’re looking for a smartphone with good performance, 5G wireless connectivity, or three rear cameras, there’s such a large selection to choose from. Here are the best…

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  • Techgoogle bard on a smartphone

    The Top 7 Ways You Can Use Google Bard

    Google Bard was initially launched as a text-only chatbot. However, thanks to recent updates, the AI tool can be used to code, generate images and up-to-date content, and translate text, among other things. To fully leverage Bard’s capabilities, it’s important that you’re aware of what it can do. Here are a few practical ways you can utilize Google Bard’s potential…

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  • Techgoogle matter featured

    How to Add a Matter Smart Home Device to Google Home

    Matter is here, and that means Google Home users can also easily pair compatible devices with their smart home setup. Don’t worry—pairing your Matter devices only takes a few taps. We’ll show you how. Matter and Google Home: What You’ll Need Image Credit: Eve You must ensure that your device supports the Matter standard before you can add it to…

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  • Techandroid figure with tv remote

    How to Use Google Calendar on Android TV

    Do you want to display Google Calendar on your TV, to make it easy for everyone in the household to see the month’s upcoming events? If you own an Android TV, you might be surprised to find that there isn’t a native Google Calendar integration. Nevertheless, it’s still fairly straightforward to show Google Calendar on Android TV thanks to third-party…

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  • Techfingerprint header

    How to Set Up a Passkey for Your Google Account on Android

    Could passwords become a thing of the past? If Google has its way, yes. Google announced in May 2023 that you can now log into your Google account via a passkey. It provides a level of security unmatched even by two-factor authentication (2FA). If Google is adopting the technology, will other apps and services? Here’s to hoping. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF…

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    How to Set Up and Use Passkeys to Sign In to Your Google Account

    Although imperfect, passwords are the primary method of signing in to online accounts. Due to their weaknesses, many websites and apps use two-step authentication to bolster account security. However, your Google account provides a more secure sign-in method called passkeys. We’ll show you how to set up passkeys on your Google account and how to use passkeys to sign in…

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  • Techgoogle neon

    Google I/O 2023: Here’s Everything That Was Announced

    Google I/O 2023 was Google’s most consequential I/O yet. In a year when critics are questioning if Google’s “still got it,” and in a year when Google seems to be falling behind AI competitors like OpenAI and Microsoft, Google needed to throw down the proverbial gauntlet and let the world know why it has been a tech giant for nearly…

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  • Techandroid home screen

    12 Lesser-Known but Incredibly Useful Android Apps From Huge Tech Brands

    A lot of popular companies, and even some tech giants, are best known for just one or two flagship Android apps. However, if you go through their Google Play profiles, you’ll find that a lot of these brands have some hidden gems that you don’t know about. These companies have tons of experience in the app development business and offer…

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  • Techgoogle skyscraper lettering

    You Can Now Try Google’s Bard AI: How to Join the Waitlist

    Bard—Google’s attempt at conversational AI—has been a long time coming. The ingredients were first unveiled in May 2021 via Google’s LaMDA (Language Model for Dialogue Applications) and baked in the company’s AI Test Kitchen, first announced at Google I/O 2022. Bard was then initially available for select Pixel Superfans, but it’s now also available for US and UK residents via…

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  • Techgoogle io 2023 countdown

    Google I/O 2023 Is Set for May 10th, With News on Pixel Phones and Android 14 Expected

    Google’s annual developer event will start on May 10th, and could see news on the Pixel 7a, Pixel Tablet, Pixel Fold, and Android 14. Google I/O 2023 will begin on Wednesday, May 10th, it has been confirmed. Google’s annual event is primarily designed for developers but traditionally opens with a keynote showcasing the company’s latest consumer products. This year, we…

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  • Techbest google fi phones

    6 Vital Ways Google Apps Use AI to Help You Every Day

    Artificial intelligence is a continuous buzzword in the digital space, and it’s no wonder why. Its contribution to the internet allows you to enjoy an advanced online experience, making it easier to perform tasks online. Google offers a wide range of tools that allow you to complete various tasks every day, but did you know that some of them actually…

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  • Techapple rainbow logo on grey background

    Why Google Pays Apple Billions of Dollars Every Year

    You don’t need to be an expert to know that Apple and Google are fierce rivals. While Apple is the world’s most valuable company, Google controls Android, the world’s most dominant operating system across the board. Not to mention that many Google apps and services like Google Search, Google Maps, Gmail, and YouTube lie at the heart of modern life.…

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  • Techcrossed out google background

    How to Stop Google Sign-In Pop-Ups on All Websites

    You’ll have seen Google’s sign-in prompt pop-up at some stage, prompting you to quickly sign in to websites that use Google’s sign-in service. But not everyone wants to sign in with Google, especially if you don’t have an account with Google. It can be irritating for some when the sign-in pops up in the corner of your screen, and they…

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  • TechGoogle Prompts

    How to Disable Google Password Manager in Chrome on Desktop and Mobile

    Chrome comes with a built-in password manager, simply called Google Password Manager, that helps users create and store strong passwords. It’s free to use, and millions of people use it to manage their passwords. However, many users prefer third-party password managers for their advanced features and reliability. Likewise, some don’t feel comfortable saving their passwords in Google Password Manager for…

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  • Techa fishook retrieving the login dialogue from a laptop

    Clicking on Google Search Results Could Cost You All Your Passwords

    It’s an age-old truism that you need to spend money to make money, and it can be especially effective in the world of online advertising. For criminals looking to break into online password managers, the payouts are potentially huge if their fake login pages are at the top of Google search. Here’s a very real reason why you should take…

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  • Techgoogle fi

    Is Google Fi Worth It? 7 Things to Know Before You Switch

    Google Fi, which launched in 2015 as Project Fi, is the company’s attempt to make mobile phone service better. Instead of trying to compete directly with traditional phone carriers, Google teamed up with cellular giants to provide affordable phone service, along with some extra perks. If you’re thinking of hopping on board, here’s everything you need to know before switching…

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    How to Use Google Calendar With Your Google Home Smart Device

    Imagine you’re in the middle of making an important report and then your boss comes up to you to tell you about an unexpected client meeting for tomorrow at noon. Isn’t it a hassle to stop what you’re doing just to pull up your calendar and schedule that meeting? Fortunately, Google Home, integrated with Google Calendar, has a better way…

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  • Techshhh

    You Can Now Lock Incognito Tabs When Closing Chrome on Android

    Google Chrome now lets you automatically lock your incognito session when you close the browser on your Android device. It’s always nice to see a tech feature arrive that takes the cringe out of interacting with our fellow humans. And this one does just that. The feature means you can set your incognito session to lock automatically when exiting Chrome…

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