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    Polo G Enjoys Not Requiring Security

    Polo G recorded himself going down Wilshire Boulevard in Beverly Hills, California, bragging about not needing security. On Monday, he shared the video on social media. “Walking down the strip on my lonely,” Polo G says in the video. “I ain’t lacking, though. Glizzy on my hip, I ain’t lacking, though. On my kids. You know just how I’m coming.…

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  • Techhow to use tailscale vpn to access home assistant server remotely

    The 6 Best VPNs for Unlimited Simultaneous Connections

    Given the increasing online censorship and erosion of personal data protection, using a VPN is more critical than ever. But what if you want to protect all your devices or want to share your VPN account with your family without breaking the bank? You’ll need a VPN that supports unlimited simultaneous device connections. Not all VPNs allow unlimited connections, which…

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  • Techimage of earth from outer space

    How to Install and Set Up Snort IDS on Linux to Secure Your Network

    If you’re serious about network security, installing an IPS or IDS solution is a must to fortress the network perimeter and deflect potentially unwanted network traffic. Snort is one such famous, free-for-personal use and open-source IPS/IDS solution. Let’s learn how you can install and set up Snort on Linux to defend your network from cyber-attacks. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAYSCROLL…

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  • Tech1684185605 chatgpt phone 1

    5 ChatGPT Scams to Watch Out For

    ChatGPT has become a mainstream tool around the world, offering an AI chatbot service to billions. But the popularity of this chatbot is now being capitalized upon by cybercriminals looking to swindle unsuspecting users. So, what kinds of ChatGPT scams should you be looking out for? 1. ChatGPT Email Scams Email has been used as a scam vector for many…

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  • Techwoman shopping online

    5 Tips to Buy Safely on AliExpress and Avoid Frauds or Scams

    It’s not always easy to stay safe while you’re shopping online. For every legitimate, reputable site, hundreds want to take your money and run for the hills, never to be seen or heard from again. If you want to stay safe, it’s important to research the site you’re making your purchases on. Take AliExpress, for example. How does it protect…

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  • Techuntitled designsdfa

    How to Browse the Internet Anonymously Using Whonix

    With hackers, advertisers, and entire institutions all eager to collect your personal data, learning to browse the internet anonymously is a vital skill everyone should learn. For regular daily browsing, using DuckDuckGo should be enough to block trackers and encrypt your browsing data. This, however, will only protect you at the browser level. If you’re someone who tends to visit…

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  • Techphone apps for security

    How to Keep Your Android Phone Safe Using Private Lock

    We all store some of our most important data on our smartphones, which poses a significant privacy and security risk. Mobile devices are susceptible to loss or theft, making encryption a crucial security measure. Small, valuable, and easy-to-steal mobile devices attract the attention of thieves and smugglers. We’ll examine how to manage all of these security measures with a single…

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  • Techa cycle of a computer user a computer and a hacker

    Understanding Django CSRF Tokens: What They Are and Why You Need Them

    Django is a Python web framework you can use to build secure web applications. It offers many features to help developers with security. One of these features is CSRF tokens, essential in protecting forms from Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks. What Is a CSRF Token? A CSRF token is a security feature that protects web applications from Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)…

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  • Techletters btc 1

    Can Your Identity Be Uncovered via Your Crypto Address?

    If you want to trade cryptocurrency, you’ll need at least one wallet address. These addresses are used to give each crypto user a unique identifier. But can your true identity be uncovered through this data? Can a cybercriminal hack you using your wallet address? What Is a Crypto Wallet Address? Whenever you sign up for a crypto wallet—hardware, software, custodial,…

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  • Techrapid security response updates featured

    How to Check if You’ve Installed Apple’s Rapid Security Response Update

    Apple regularly updates its operating systems across the board, which are provided as major updates or point updates. However, the company also has special updates called Rapid Security Response updates. These updates are meant to fix critical bugs that malicious actors could exploit. It’s, therefore, essential to update your device as soon as you get the update. Below, we’ll teach…

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  • Techview page

    What Are Eavesdropping Attacks and How Can You Prevent Them?

    The most dangerous way hackers can steal your online data is by doing it passively instead of actively. Since they silently work in the background and collect your information, knowing precisely what they are stealing from you can be challenging. This is the case with eavesdropping attacks. Even when you’re doing the most to protect yourself from hackers, you can…

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  • Techperson holding a silver keychain with a key

    How Passkeys Can Help Keep Your Google Account Safe

    Passwords are a notorious weak point in any security workflow. They’re hard to generate and remember, and too often, they’re easy for attackers to guess. However, thankfully, passkeys are here to potentially save the day. Passkeys Are Quicker and More Secure Than Passwords In May 2023, in a post on The Keyword, Google announced the beginning of the end of…

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  • Techipfs scam

    What Are IPFS Phishing Attacks and How Do You Avoid Them?

    Phishing techniques have continued to evolve, especially with the introduction of new, cutting-edge technologies. Although the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) offers many benefits, it also allows cybercriminals to conduct malicious campaigns. These attacks have become even more prominent as many file storage, web hosting, and cloud services now utilize IPFS. So what are IPFS phishing attacks, and how can you…

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  • Techmanthan gajjar 8iyf3vugfgs unspl

    What Is a Smurf Attack and How Can You Prevent It?

    When it comes to cyberattacks, there are a wide variety of tactics that hackers use to disrupt networks and steal sensitive information. One such method is known as a smurf attack based on the smurf malware, which can cause significant damage to a target system. Despite the name, a smurf attack has nothing to do with small blue creatures. Just…

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  • Technumbered metal plate

    Should You Use a Password Generator to Protect Your Online Accounts?

    Using the same password for different sites and accounts isn’t a good idea, but creating unique passwords for each site can be quite the challenge. One way to take care of this problem is to use password generators. What Is a Password Generator? A password generator creates random and complex passwords based on length and type. Some can also store…

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  • Techworried man

    10 Common Incident Response Plan Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

    Since anyone can be on cyberattackers’ radar, it’s wise to be proactive by creating a strategy for managing cyber incidents or attacks beforehand. An effective incident response plan can mitigate the impact of an attack to the barest minimum. However, some mistakes can ruin your strategy and expose your system to further threats. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAYSCROLL TO CONTINUE…

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  • Techerror message

    Visiting an Unsecured HTTP Site? 5 Ways to Encrypt and Secure Your Data

    In contrast to HTTPS, an unsecured HTTP site does not encrypt your data as it passes from your browser to the website’s server. It does not have SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption—which changes your communication into random characters to keep it hidden from outsiders—making it easier for cybercriminals to access user data. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAYSCROLL TO CONTINUE WITH…

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  • Techbtc honey pot

    What Is a Crypto Honeypot Scam?

    The crypto industry is certainly no stranger to scams of every sort. There are many methods that cybercriminals currently use to access crypto holdings, including those known as “honeypots”. But what exactly is a crypto honeypot scam, and are they dangerous? What Is a Honeypot Scam? Honeypot scams (not to be confused with “honeytrapping”) can come in a number of…

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  • Techspy protection illustration

    What Is Industrial Espionage and How Can You Protect Your Private Data?

    All responsible businesses actively defend against cyberattacks. One security issue that many businesses overlook, however, is industrial espionage. Industrial espionage and cyberattacks are often carried out for the same reason; namely, the theft of private information. But unlike a cyberattack, industrial espionage is carried out by a business competitor rather than a random hacker. MAKEUSEOF VIDEO OF THE DAYSCROLL TO…

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  • Techchatgpt privacy issues featured image

    Does ChatGPT Have Privacy Issues?

    ChatGPT and its developer, OpenAI, have received heavy criticism from governments, privacy experts, and users who are concerned about its data retention policies. So, what does the AI chatbot really know about you, and what is it using this information for? Let’s take a look at its privacy policy and terms of service to find out what it knows and…

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