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  • Techhighlighting text on a laptop

    How to Copy Webpage Text When Right-Clicking Is Disabled

    Have you ever tried highlighting text on a webpage to copy, only for nothing to happen? You’ll probably think something is wrong with the webpage or your cursor/touchpad. When in reality, it is the webpage itself stopping you. Yes, some webpages can stop you from copying their text. As annoying as that can be, there are ways you can get…

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  • Techbacklit apple logo on a macbook

    How to Type or Insert the Apple Logo () on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac

    Did you know that you can effortlessly type or insert the Apple logo () in messages, notes, browser search bars, and other text fields on your iPhone, iPad, and Mac? It might not show up properly for non-Apple devices, but if you’re heavily invested in the Apple ecosystem, you won’t need to worry about that. So, here are the different…

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