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    How To Fix the DS4Windows Not Detecting Controller Error

    Are you having issues with your controller connecting? You’re ready to game, but without using your controller, it’s game over. You’re not the only gamer to have this problem. DS4Windows was initially developed by InhexSTER, then taken over by Elctrobrains. Later, it was recreated by Jays2Kings. Now, it is maintained by Ryochan7. You may have an older version with files no longer…

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  • How to Recover Deleted Outlook Emails

    How to Recover Deleted Emails in Outlook

    Did you accidentally delete an important email from your Outlook account? Maybe you were clearing out your inbox of unwanted messages and silly spam, but accidentally removed something you wanted to keep. Or perhaps you hit the “Delete” button while trying to click somewhere else. Either way, it can be scary to see an email suddenly disappear, especially if it…

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  • Cant Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy Try These Fixes 1 scaled

    Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy—Try These Fixes

    Seeing the “Can’t Take Screenshot Due to Security Policy” message when attempting to take a picture of your screen can be frustrating. You may have found some valuable information online and want to share it with someone as it’s presented on your screen. A screenshot may be the perfect way to do just that. Unfortunately, today’s focus on security and…

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  • Minecraft Launcher Is Currently Not Available

    How To Fix Error Minecraft Launcher Is Currently Not Available

    You’ve installed a new Minecraft mod to help you slice through your enemies like a knife through butter. You can’t wait to start a new session, but there’s a problem. The game says your Minecraft Launcher is currently not available. How do you go about solving this issue? You’ll find out right here. We’ll show you how to fix a…

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  • vscode

    How to Open launch.json in VS Code

    Effective debugging and code quality are inseparable concepts in software development. Visual Studio (VS) Code’s debugging functionality is controlled mainly by the launch.json file. This file lets developers configure and manage their debugging settings according to their vision. This article will guide you through opening and managing the launch.json file for optimal debugging. Opening launch.json in Visual Studio Code To…

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  • Best Remote Desktop Software

    The Best Remote Desktop Software

    Are you on the hunt for a tech solution that will help you to remotely connect to other computers hassle-free? Remote desktop software offers the perfect solution. It allows you to quickly access, operate, and manage other PCs seamlessly by use of local area networks or the internet. Many businesses have embraced the use of remote desktop software post the…

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  • Background 30

    How to Find Starred Messages in WhatsApp

    WhatsApp allows you to reply to messages specifically or mention someone in groups. Starring is also possible, making navigating through messages a breeze. However, one of the challenges that some users face is finding starred messages. This article explains how to find starred messages in WhatsApp. How to Find Starred Messages on Different Operating Systems Messages containing important information like…

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  • 1685103184 How to Use ChatGPT DAN

    How to Use ChatGPT DAN

    Are your Chatbot answers getting boring? DAN can help with that. It allows ChatGPT to forget all restrictions and policies and go beyond its limits to respond to its users. Now it can respond to harmful, sexually explicit, and sensitive questions. This article will explain how to use ChatGPT DAN. How to Use ChatGPT DAN The following instructions will direct…

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  • AI Art Prompt Ideas

    The Best AI Art Prompt Ideas

    The best AI art prompts can turn anyone into an artist with the click of a button. Artificial intelligence or AI art generators can quickly turn your ideas into reality.  An AI art prompt is a string of descriptive text that describes an image you want to generate to the AI.  An AI art prompt typically starts with a subject and…

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  • Weebly How to Add Subpages 1

    How to Add Subpages in Weebly

    Most starter websites on Weebly begin with a basic set of pages, like “About,” “Contact,” and “Blog.” But if you want to add depth to your site, it’ll need subpages. These can act as sub-categories to your main pages. Subpages can bring a site to life, making it more useful and informative. Read on to find out how to create…

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  • Tinder

    How to Change Location on Tinder

    With Tinder’s global reach, you can take your dating game wherever you go. But not unless you know what to do and why it’s not as simple as just stepping off a bus with your phone in your pocket. Fortunately, the answers to all your potential troubles hide in knowing how and when to change the location on your Tinder…

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  • featured 45

    Life360 Won’t Update – How To Fix

    Life360 must update accurately and timely. As a robust family tracking app, Life360 has every tracking feature you could need to effortlessly keep tabs on family members and friends in your Circle. However, those features draw on real-time tracking data, which means you may experience a lag in your timely updates for several reasons. You may also experience complete failures…

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  • Best Email Clients

    The Best Free Email Clients

    Email clients are meant to make your life easier when it comes to accessing and managing your emails. A disorganized inbox or an email platform that simply doesn’t work for you can make your job more difficult. You might be a fan of the more popular platforms or like to explore alternative software that lets you do more when organizing…

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  • How to Open .Xlsx File on an iPhone

    How to Open an .Xlsx File on an iPhone

    Files created with Microsoft Excel have the extension .xlsx, which many may think is incompatible with iOS because it’s a Microsoft product. However, you’ll be happy to know that Microsoft Office files are compatible with many iPhone applications. This article will show you how to open .xlsx files using your iPhone and the different apps you can use to accomplish…

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  • Messenger How to See Old Messages 12

    How to View Old Messages in Messenger

    Messenger has 1 billion of users. With so many people on this chatting app, messages from your friends can easily pile up. To the extent, it can be hard to find the specific message you need. Fortunately, there are ways to find a forgotten message from your conversations. In this article, you’ll learn how to find old messages, hidden or…

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  • Obsidian How to Use Templates

    How to Use Templates with Obsidian

    Obsidian is an efficient and effective note-taking app, but it can be overwhelming the first few times you load it up. To get off to a good start, it’s important to understand how templates work. If you can master them, they’ll save you a ton of time when generating and customizing new notes. This guide will cover all you need…

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  • facebook messenger how to connection problems bugs w1400h1400

    Messenger: How to Remove Suggested

    When you search on Facebook Messenger, you’ll get suggested contacts. The suggested list section is an integral part of the app to help you find more friends. While this is a good idea, it can be annoying especially when the suggestions are made randomly within the suggested people section. This article will explain how to remove suggested contacts. Is It…

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  • Roku How to Add Apps

    How to Add Apps to a Roku Device or Roku TV

    Roku has been a popular streaming device for some time now. People who are looking to cut the cord with their cable providers and enjoy an affordable, easy-to-use online TV experience find Roku provides just that. This article will show you the various ways to add apps to Roku to boost your streaming experience. How to Add Apps to a…

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  • How to Create AI Art With Midjourney 3

    How to Create AI Art With Midjourney

    Although the concept of AI art has been around for nearly 50 years, recently, it has become a buzzword in the online world. Today, by using tools like Midjourney, anyone can create unique pieces of art – including you. Are you curious about how to use the Midjourney bot to generate AI art? Read on for a beginner’s tutorial. What…

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  • kick off spotify img

    How To Kick Someone Off your Spotify Account

    With over 345 million total users, 155 million of which are paying subscribers, to say that Spotify is popular would be an understatement. Boasting a library of over 70 million songs is quite a respectable feat. So if you think that your account may have been hacked, there’s a chance that you may be right. “I do think someone has…

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