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Teen girls seen ‘kissing & twerking’ on dementia patient | Muhabarishaji News

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Just when you think you’ve heard it all: Two teenage girls now find themselves in big trouble after they were captured on CCTV footage behaving inappropriately towards an elderly woman with dementia, at a hospital where they both worked.

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The footage was caught by a maintenance supervisor who was looking through footage for a separate matter.

According to FOX 9, security cameras at Johnson Memorial Hospital in, Minnesota, the United States (US) show the girls abusing the woman while she sat on a chair in the facility’s lounge area. The incident occurred in May and lasted approximately half an hour.

A report by the Minnesota Department of Health states that one of the girls (both aged around 17) were seen dancing in “a sexually provocative manner involving thrusting hip movements and a low squatting stance (twerking) in front of the resident and pulled up her shirt, exposing her lower back” to the resident.

At some point in the clip, one of them leans in and kisses the woman on the lips while the other snaps a photo, after which they both “boisterously” laughed.

Police said that one of the girls pulled up her shirt over her bra in front of the resident, as the other shot foam balls at her with a toy gun, hitting her in the head.

The report is rather scathing, noting that the girls “treated the resident in a manner which a reasonable person would find derogatory, humiliating or harassing.”

What action is being taken against them?

The girls’ employment was terminated at Johnson Memorial Hospital. Due to them being minors, their names and the contents of the clip have not been publicised.

They are now being charged as juveniles with abusing a vulnerable adult. All indications are that the girls will not serve any time but receive probation.

The patient has died since the incident due to unrelated causes.

“This whole episode has been devastating for the family, knowing this happened to their mother before she died,” Assistant Lac Qui Parle County Prosecutor Lori Buchheim told FOX 9.

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