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Middle East News

Tehran seeking sustainable security in region

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Speaking to MNA, an expert on foreign policy issues said that Tehran-Riyadh talks are aimed at solving regional problems.

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Asked about the lifting of sanctions imposed on the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the role of relations with neighbors, Seyed Reza Sadr al-Hosseini, said, “The neutralization of sanctions is the next priority of these negotiations.”

According to him, the neutralization of sanctions can help solve regional problems and this is also one of the principles for the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Saying that Iran is interested in the safety of the region, he added, “If the region is managed by a consensus, it will be in the interest of all countries in terms of security, economy, and water security of the region.”

Iran believes that all countries in the region must enjoy lasting security and no trans-regional country should be present in the region, he stressed.

The trans-regional countries, led by the Americans and the Zionist regime, are doing nothing but disrupting relations between the countries of the region and destabilizing the region, added the expert. 

“Accordingly, the Islamic Republic of Iran is interested in peace, stability, sustainable security, and comprehensive development in the region,  and is interested in resolving the problems of the region as soon as possible.”


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