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Whether you’re a cybersecurity professional or just a hobbyist, reading through verbose whitepapers and case studies can get a tad overwhelming.

That’s where YouTube comes in, with plenty of cybersecurity-related content. But what are the best channels to follow? Here are our top picks, in no particular order.


The PC Security Channel (TPSC) has released hundreds of informative and educational videos since 2011. It’s one of the best channels around if you’re someone who wants to learn more about protecting themselves online, but even if you’re well-versed in cybersecurity, you’ll find a lot of their videos compelling.

TPSC creates content on malware, scams, and other cyber threats. The channel also uploads how-to videos, as well as reviews, so it can be a great resource if you’re looking for software recommendations.

What TPSC does really well is product testing videos. They often pit popular anti-malware solutions against ransomware and similar threats to see how they perform. These videos can be very insightful, even entertaining, especially if you want to see how different security software handles real-world threats. And don’t let the name confuse you, TPSC covers mobile security too.

If you prefer entertaining, digestible content, you should consider subscribing to Chuck Keith’s YouTube channel, NetworkChuck. Keith has a knack for breaking down complex topics and explaining them in a way that even complete novices understand.

Though not 100 percent dedicated to cybersecurity, NetworkChuck has plenty of videos about home network security, programming, and malware. This includes plenty of fun, beginner-friendly ethical hacking tutorials, which is a great way to gain some real knowledge.

And if your ambitions extend beyond just learning the basics, NetworkChuck has dozens of videos that might help you get started in the IT industry. Keith also does interviews with professionals in that line of work, so check out the channel if you prefer to consume video content through that format.

Cyberspatial is a relatively new channel with only a few dozen videos, so it may be lacking in quantity, but it most definitely makes up for that in quality.

Packed with useful information about all things cybersecurity, Cyberspatial’s videos typically feature sleek design, cool graphics, and smooth animations. If you’re a visual learner, you’ll love the production, but that’s not all this channel has to offer. Though meant for people new to cybersecurity, it has a few excellent explainer videos that explore relatively dense concepts.

Just like NetworkChuck, Cyberspatial is potentially a great resource for those considering a career in cybersecurity or a related field, being that it also covers the business and education side of the industry.

YouTuber John Hammond describes his content as “cybersecurity education, without the fluff,” which gives you a pretty good idea of what his videos are like: useful and informative, but straight to the point. And there are plenty of them, more than a thousand, which is obviously a tremendous amount of content to consume, and should keep you occupied for months.

Hammond is a cybersecurity researcher, so he often tackles threats from that angle, but he has also posted a lot of how-to videos and in-depth software reviews.

Who is Hammond’s channel for? Pretty much anyone looking to familiarize themselves with cybersecurity, but primarily for people thinking about it as more than a hobby or something to do on the side. In fact, even professionals might find some of Hammond’s videos useful, though they are made in a way to appeal to beginners.

Kitboga is a scambaiter, so his videos revolve around that. He poses as a potential victim in order to expose scammers, and waste their time and resources. This can be incredibly entertaining to watch, because some calls last for hours and result in the scammers shutting down their operations.

But it’s not just entertainment value that Kitboga brings to the table. In fact, his videos are a great way to learn about the latest trends in this particular type of cybercrime, see how scammers operate, what kind of tools and social engineering tactics they use, how they lure victims in, and so on.

Kitboga’s content is for everyone, and even people who have absolutely no interest in cybersecurity would likely find it very entertaining. With that said, the scambaiting community on YouTube is huge, and there are plenty of other creators worth checking out.

Jack Rhysider’s is arguably the most unique YouTube channel in the cybersecurity genre. Jack Rhysider explores the topic like a detective or a psychologist, producing high-quality content with engaging storytelling. Even if you don’t really care for cybersecurity as such, the narratives, intrigue, and drama featured in the videos will probably keep you glued to your screen.

Jack Rhysider covers hackers, notable cyberattacks, security vulnerabilities in popular products, online privacy and surveillance, strange and unexplainable events in the cyber world, and other similar stories from “the dark parts of the internet,” as he puts it.

There is an almost cinematic quality to Rhysider’s work, which is probably why his YouTube channel and podcast are as popular as they are. However, he has a background in network security engineering, so his content is also a source of knowledge and expertise.

Black Hat was founded in 1997. It began as an annual conference, but is today an international event series that brings together cybersecurity experts from around the world. And yes, Black Hat has a YouTube channel with a couple of thousand extremely valuable videos.

The content on this channel is definitely not for everyone: it is technical, complex, and aimed at a specialist audience. From the latest developments in the cybersecurity space, over cutting edge AI technology, to in-depth explainers—this channel has it all.

If you’re an aspiring cybersecurity professional, or already work in the industry, you probably won’t find a better YouTube channel than Black Hat. But if you’re a hobbyist or simply want to gain some basic knowledge, you should probably look elsewhere.

Learning Cybersecurity Through YouTube

YouTube is home to thousands of entertaining and insightful videos about cybersecurity. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced professional.

With that said, YouTube videos can’t replace a good old-fashioned cybersecurity course, so make sure you check those out a well.


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