The Best Way To Watch Black Adam

Dwayne Johnson’s superhero movie is here. After having its released date shuffled a few times, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam is finally here, the latest movie based on DC comics. Superhero movies continue to be must-sees and we’ve got you covered on when and where you can watch Black Adam, including whether or not the movie is streaming online.

This is actually the second DC comics based movie that Johnson stars in this year, with him lending his voice for the animated movie DC League of Super-Pets. But if you actually want to see the actor sometimes still known as “The Rock” display his charms and talent in the flesh, then Black Adam gives you that opportunity.

Here is what you need to know about how to watch Black Adam, one of the biggest new movies in 2022…

How to watch Black Adam in movie theaters

Black Adam releases exclusively in movie theaters worldwide on Friday, October 21 (though some early Thursday night screenings are going to be available in many places).

To figure out where and when you can go to see Black Adam, you can check your local movie theaters’ websites or use a resource like Fandango(opens in new tab), which provides you with all available screenings in your area.

If the movie ticket prices give you some sticker shock, there are some options to make trips to the movies more affordable. Movie theater subscription and membership deals provide discounted/free tickets or a certain number of movies each month for a flat monthly fee, as well as additional perks like discounts on concessions. Many movie theater chains in both the US and UK offer these types of programs.

Is Black Adam streaming?

Despite his superpowers, Black Adam can’t be everywhere. In this case, the DC anti-hero is not available for streaming right now. The exclusive run in movie theaters means just that — the only way to see the movie is to make the trip to you local cineplex.

However, we do know a few things about Black Adam’s streaming future. Whenever the movie does head to streaming, US audiences are almost certainly going to get Black Adam on HBO Max. As far as when, it’ll likely be at least 30-45 days, though nothing is confirmed at this point. We’ll update as more info comes in.

We’re less certain about where it’s going to stream outside of the US where HBO Max is not available, like the UK. But again, when we know something we’ll share it here.

A digital on-demand release is also likely to come before a streaming debut, but again, no details are available at this time.

What else you need to know about Black Adam

Black Adam has been a passion project for Dwayne Johnson for years. The character, whose only equal in DC comics may be Superman, is more of an anti-hero and even sometimes villain. This movie is his origin story in the DCEU, seeing him awake from a 5,000 year slumber and coming face-to-face with the Justice Society of America who want to learn what exactly his intentions are — to be a hero or a conqueror.

What to Watch’s Black Adam review said the movie has entertaining moments, but also struggles with some of the execution of the story. But the best way to judge is to go see it for yourself.

Check out the trailer for Black Adam right here:

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