The Best Webinar Platforms With Breakout Rooms

Interactive webinars have taken online business interactions to a whole new level. But while they are a fantastic way of sparking conversation, a single-room presentation isn’t always the best way to propel projects forward.

The Best Webinar Platforms With Breakout Rooms

A large number of participants in one place can be overwhelming, and this setting can make brainstorming and networking difficult. Fortunately, breakout rooms provide a solution to these concerns.

If you’re looking for a reliable webinar platform with breakout room features, read on for the best options.

What Are Breakout Rooms and Why Are They Important?

Webinar breakout rooms are smaller sessions separate from the main virtual webinar room. They make webinars much more versatile, productive, and intimate.

These private rooms allow participants to gather in smaller numbers and conduct many activities unsuitable for the main session, including collaboration and brainstorming. Breakout rooms are also more informal, which can help attendees feel comfortable.

Breakout rooms can not only make a webinar more engaging, but they can be invaluable in training and hiring processes.

9 Best Webinar Platforms

Webinars have become a vital tool in many businesses’ marketing strategies today, so numerous solutions exist, with many offering breakout rooms to some degree.

Below are nine solid webinar platform options.


zoho 3

Zoho offers a range of business tools, from customer relationship management (CRM) apps to various remote working and collaboration tools. Their meeting and webinar software is a leading option on the market today. It’s also free for webinars with a limited duration and a limited number of attendees.

Zoho has a user-friendly platform, which makes organizing a webinar a breeze. The tool offers many extra features to make the events more relaxed and interactive.

Google Meet

google meet

Google’s versatile meeting solution probably doesn’t need an introduction. This free webinar tool is easy to use and allows for productive online meetings, thanks to features like file sharing, session recording, and more.

Breakout rooms are another versatile Google Meet feature. The event’s host can use them to group participants so they can communicate privately before, during, or after the event. At the end of the meeting, the host will receive a report regarding users’ participation in the breakout room activities.



Another browser-based webinar solution that fosters collaboration among attendees is LiveWebinar. Its free version allows up to five webinar attendees, while paid plans offer a range of advanced features, including unlimited customization and webinar creation for a fee.

LiveWebinar makes it very easy to organize participants into various breakout rooms, too. You can assign them manually or randomize their distribution with the click of a button. Attendees can hold discussions away from the main room, which gives your online event an added dimension.

Microsoft Teams

microsoft terms 1

Microsoft Teams is another solution numerous businesses implement today. This app comes with several tools that boost collaboration, including hosting meetings of various sizes.

The breakout room feature of Microsoft Teams has robust capabilities. Hosts can create up to 50 breakout rooms within the same conference. Participants can be pre-assigned and even moved from one conference room to another during the session. Hosts can also enter breakout rooms whenever they want. Businesses that have already integrated Microsoft products will find this tool convenient.


zoom 4

Zoom also offers a Webinars platform many find useful. Naturally, the app provides a breakout room feature.

Similar to Microsoft Teams, Zoom Webinars also allow up to 50 breakout rooms in a conference. The host can pre-assign breakout rooms or let participants choose which one to enter themselves. Hosts can also switch between rooms to check on their participants as needed. Participants can request the host, too, by clicking “Ask for Help.”

Another great perk is that hosts can broadcast a message across all rooms.



GoTo offers a range of solutions for various business needs. Their video conferencing tools include GoTo Meeting, GoTo Training, and GoTo Webinar.

While GoTo Webinar does not support breakout rooms yet, the feature is included in the other two solutions. All you have to do is enable it in your settings, and you’ll be able to divide the participants into several smaller groups within a session.

The maximum number of breakout rooms is 50 here as well. Currently, participants can’t be moved from one breakout session to another without ending the session, but additional breakout room functionalities are coming to GoTo in the future.



Airmeet is a virtual event platform that focuses on engagement. The app’s breakout rooms foster interaction with highly interactive features.

Participants can be assigned with a CSV upload, randomly, or according to their preference. Hosts are free to enter sessions or make announcements as required. Besides breakout rooms, Airmeet also offers dedicated networking areas to make interactions even more streamlined.


webex 1

Webex is a comprehensive solution for video calls, online meetings, webinars, and similar business purposes. Webex conferences can be split into several breakout rooms with collaborative capabilities. The separate sessions can also be recorded for future reference.

The platform’s breakout sessions can be an excellent tool for discussion. If the participants need help, they can request the host for assistance anytime. Hosts and co-hosts can also assign, rearrange, and enter breakout sessions. In addition, they can end sessions with the click of a button or automatically after a set time.

Pick the Right Tool for You

Every business is different, so the best webinar solution for you highly depends on your particular needs. Consider choosing a scalable option, like Zoho, that will grow with you and provide a platform for interactions that propel your business and industry forward.

Have you tried any of these webinar platforms before? How was your experience? Let us know in the comments section below.


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