Want to know how to seduce that lady you’ve had your eye on? Check out our ultimate seduction guide for men and ooze sophistication and confidence.

seduction guide for men

Whether you have a huge crush on someone and haven’t plucked up the courage to talk to them, or you’ve been on a few dates and now want to take things to the next level, learning how to successfully seduce a woman is important in getting the response you want. That is why we put together this seduction guide for men.

Seducing a woman can be tricky, and for those guys who aren’t born with natural charm and sophistication, with the added nerves and pressure that come with really liking someone, the idea of trying to be seductive seems laughable.

You don’t want to come across as cheesy or, worse still, sleazy. Yet it can be super difficult to understand how to use your charm, wit, and manliness to your advantage without coming across as one or both.

The ultimate seduction guide

Seduction is all about the long game. So, if you do really like your lady and are willing to put the effort in, there is no reason why even the most nervous of men can’t turn things around.

With that in mind here is our ultimate seduction guide. A foolproof plan when trying to charm that special woman.

The set up

#1 Take it slow. Remember, when it comes to seduction you are not in a race. If a woman feels pressured or pushed into anything, it will have the opposite effect. She needs to feel respected, cared for, and comfortable at all times. Be sure this is what you concentrate on rather than your end goal.

#2 Look the part. If you dress well, not only do you impress her, but you feel more confident with yourself too. Make sure you pick out an outfit appropriate for the occasion, dress smartly, and don’t choose anything too loud or garish. You want to look sophisticated and manly, but also at ease with yourself and like you haven’t gone too overboard either.

#3 Make an effort. No matter how fantastic your outfit, if you haven’t bothered to shower, do your hair, and spray a bit of nice cologne on before you leave the house she isn’t going to be massively impressed!

#4 Be confident. Build up your confidence before your date. Have a mantra that you say to yourself in the mirror, listen to a great song that gets you pumped, remind yourself that she likes you, and you have nothing to lose.

Even if you feel pretty nervous inside, if you give off that air of confidence then you stand a much better chance of winning her over. When it comes to seduction, uncertainty, stuttering, shaking, and being unsure simply aren’t your friends!

#5 Create the perfect atmosphere. Obviously creating the perfect atmosphere all depends on where you have arranged to meet, but there are always things you can do. If you are going for a drink, pick an intimate wine bar over somewhere with loud pumping music where you can’t sit and barely have a conversation.

If you are going for a picnic, make sure you bring a picnic blanket, champagne, strawberries, and lots of delicious food. If she is coming over to your place, make sure the lighting, music, and ambience is just right to put her in the mood for romance!

On the date

#6 Listen to her. There is a difference between being confident and completely dominating the conversation. If you want her to feel relaxed and comfortable like she’s getting to know you better, it is important for the conversation to be two-way. Listen to what she has to say.

#7 Ask questions. Make sure you ask her lots of questions too. This shows her that you are interested in her and actually want to get to know her as a person rather than just get her straight into the bedroom. The more secure and comfortable a woman feels, the more likely she is to want to take things to the next level. So, that’s always worth considering!

#8 Be attentive to her needs. If her wine glass is empty, make sure you fill it up. If she looks cold, offer her your jacket. Paying attention to the little things here and there make all the difference.

Plus, she’ll think you are super sweet and romantic, as well as feeling like you are the kind of guy who knows how to take care of a woman.

#9 Make lots of lingering eye contact. Maintaining eye contact is a great way to let someone know you are interested in them. Make sure to hold her gaze for just long enough to let her know that it is more than just a cursory glance. This will probably make her feel nervous and she might look away or blush.

Remember there is a fine line between giving her seductive and lingering glances and just staring at her weirdly. Make sure you don’t do the latter. Hold her gaze for a few seconds, then if she hasn’t looked away, simply smile at her and start the conversation again.

#10 Be a gentleman. Being a good old-fashioned gentleman wins you lots of brownie points! If you make an effort to hold doors open for her, pull out her chair, and offer to walk or pay for her cab home, all these things reinforce the fact you are a romantic, manly, caring man. There is nothing more attractive than that.

#11 Compliment her. Make sure she knows just how attractive you find her. Giving a woman compliments is all about the timing. Make sure you wait for a break in conversation or hold her gaze and say something like, “Sorry, I just can’t get over how pretty you are.”

The key to compliments is making sure they are not too intense, but also direct enough so that she knows you are really attracted to her at the same time.

Making a move

#12 Get closer. When it comes to making a move, if you are at dinner or out for drinks, move your chair closer to hers or brush her hand across the table or her leg underneath it.

You could suggest going dancing where you have opportunities to touch her, or for a walk where you take her hand. If you have a date at home, suggest you get more comfortable on your sofa and then sit closer to her.

#13 Try subtle contact at first. Don’t go too strong right away. Try to read her body language and movements, if you make a sudden lunge for her, you might catch her off guard. This could ruin the evening! If she’s responding to you well, try holding her hand or touching her leg first and take it from there. 

#14 Remember, don’t force anything! Sometimes, regardless of whether you do all the right things, the chemistry just isn’t there. If you aren’t getting good vibes back from her then don’t try to force anything. Cut your losses and accept that you can’t win them all!

Remember, above anything else, if this is a woman you see yourself having a future with, then be yourself. Being yourself shows you are happy with who you are and that’s really attractive to women, so just remember that as you use this seduction guide!