Top 11 Best Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria 2023

Here are the best investment plaforms in Nigeria that pays, in which you can invest and earn daily or weekly in Nigeria this 2023.

In my business philosophy, I would always say that investments is one of the best business strategies to achieving financial freedom, and this is why most investment companies in Nigeria had always being a run-in centre for those that understand the language of business.

Investment is an express way to being wealthy, there is no wise rich man out there that doesn’t have one investment or the other. No matter how wealthy they may be, most of all these rich men would always find legit aways to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

Living a life without any investment is one of the worst risks one can ever think of, this is because one that lives without investments is always liable to financial disappointment at any time, no matter how rich the person may be.

Though some entrepreneurs actually understand the strength in investments, but most of them don’t really know the best investment platforms in Nigeria where they can entrust their wealth and make their money while they sleep.

After getting several questions from our readers about how to invest and earn dialy in Nigeria, we have decided to put up this comprehensive article to reveal the best investment platforms, where  anyone can invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

So, in this article, we shall be revealing some online investment platforms in Nigeria where you can actually invest and earn cool money while you sleep.


What Is Investment Platform?

Invest and earn daily in Nigeria

Investment Platforms are mostly internet-based services that allow people to invest their money and earn some interest in return.

One may really be wondering about the difference between Investment Platforms And Online Investment Platforms.

But there may not really be much differences between Investment Platforms And Online Investment Platforms, this is because, almost all investment platforms accepts investments online, that is through the internet.

This means that for investors to invest in most of these investment platforms, they must have to do that through the platform’s mobile application or website.

This may not mean that these online  investment platforms don’t have physical presence or their offline offices. Most of them actually have offices of which you are free to visit their office if need be.

But even after visiting their office, you must still have to sign up on their online platform and make your investments through there, whenever you want to Invest in the platform.

This means that Investment Platforms mostly operate virtually online.


 How Investment Platforms In Nigeria Operate:

Unlike Ponzi Schemes that dependd on  new members registrations to generate income; most of the legit investment platforms in Nigeria rather  depend on income generated from investments to pay investors their profits. They don’t rub Peter to pay Paul, like most Ponzi Schemes so.

Legit investment platforms in Nigeria don’t wait for people to register on the platform before they would be able to generate money to pay their investors.

Rather they use the money invested by people to do several businesses, thereby generating income that would be used to pay their investors.


For Example: we have agric investment platforms in Nigeria, which specialize on agriculture. They use the money from their investors to fund some farmers who are looking for sponsors; thereafter, the profit from the farm would be used to pay their investors.

We also have some other investment platforms in Nigeria that specialize in giving loans to People.

These investment platforms use investors money to give loans to people, after which the interests generated from the loans would be used to pay their investors.


What Percentage Do Investment Platforms In Nigeria Pay Their Investors?

Online investment platforms In Nigeria may not really have uniform amount of interest or return that they pay their investors.

The percentage an investor would earn may really depend on the particular investment platform where he puts his money.

Different investment platforms in Nigeria have different percentage or return they promise their investors. But most times, the percentage is always within the range of lesser or greater than 14% annually or monthly.

For example: let’s assume that an online investment platforms in Nigeria promises to pay 14% interest monthly.

It means that if you are able to invest like N20,000; then you would be earning 14% of N20,000 in a month. You can see that 14% of N20,000 is N2,800, this means that with N20,000 investment, you can be earning up to N2,800 in every month.

Meanwhile, you may still decide to withdraw your capital of N20,000 whenever you don’t want to invest again.


Legit Online Investment Platforms In Nigeria:

  1. Opay
  2. Pillow Fund
  3. Piggyvest
  4. Cowrywise
  5. Risevest
  6. Investment One
  7. Payday Investor
  8. I-Invest
  9. Trove
  10. Bamboo

Many people today now see online investment platforms in Nigeria as a no go area, they have developed phobia and would always have a heart break whenever they here about investment platforms in Nigeria.

This phobia may actually be because of the bad experience they had in the previous time, possibly because of the tussle and misfortunes that they have had in the course of looking for a way to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

This may be because they got into a wrong hand; like some Ponzi Schemes, that would always promise them mouth-watery return on investment.

Whenever you talk about best Nigeria investment company that pays weekly, many people would always presume an idea of the Ponzi Scheme “MMM” in their mind.

They would always have a flash back of what they or their friends lost in the so-called MMM.

This seems to have made many people think that there is no more legit investment platforms in Nigeria.

But they have failed to understand that Ponzi Schemes (like MMM) are quite different from the online investment platforms we are talking about in this post.

Ponzi Schemes like MMM can never be regarded as online investment platforms, because their methods of operation is not always genuine and reliable.

The legit investment platforms in Nigeria that we are talking about in this post, are those investment platforms whose methods of operation are very genuine and reliable.

Some of these legit online investment platforms where you can invest and earn daily in Nigeria are:


1. Opay (

Opay is one the best investment platforms in Nigeria, where you can invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

Opay is a mobile money agency which is owned by Opera News, and it provides many financial services ranging from loans, savings, investments, and so on.

Opay has about two different investment options:

(a). Owealth

Owealth is one of the investment options on Opay mobile money. In this option, investors can invest and earn up to 15% of their investment annually.

For example: if you are able to invest N100,000 on Owealth, you would be earning 15% (N15,000) return in a year.

(b). Flexifixed

Flexifixed is another Opay investment option which makes it possible for anyone to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

In this option, investors can earn up to 0.2% of their investment in a week or 1% of their investment in a month.

For example: if you invest N100,000 on flexifixed, you would be earning 1% (N1,000) return every month.


2. Pillow Fund (

Pillow fund is Nigeria’s best dollar savings app that allows you to virtually save your funds in dollars while earning daily passive income. You can earn 14% annual interest on your deposit.

Pillow is available across 60+ countries. Additionally, it is the best trading platform in Nigeria where you can deposit and trade crypto on the app to earn high returns.

Features of pillow fund

a.) Save in dollars
With Pillow, you can invest in dollars through fiat currency or Naira and earn returns.

b.) Start small
With Pillow, saving in dollars is easy. You can start your investment journey with as little as NGN 3000!

c.) Daily returns
Interest on your investments is credited to your account daily. You can earn 14% interest annually.

d.) Save in wallet
Access all your holdings and save them in your Pillow wallet. Buy and sell your favorite tokens while earning interest on your deposits.

e.) Trade tokens
With Pillow, you can trade your favorite tokens and earn high returns on your investments.

f.) Invest and earn
Earn passive income on your savings. Earn up to 50% returns by investing in your favorite tokens like BTC, ETH, SOL, MATIC, AXS, and more.

g.) World-class security

All assets deposited on Pillow are securely stored with our custody partner, BitGo. Additionally, all deposits in custody are protected against any incidents with a $250 million insurance policy.


3. Piggyvest (

Piggyvest is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria that that are known to be legit and secure.

Piggyvest has really built strong customer trust, as it has operated for years without any bad record. Many people always regard Piggyvest as the first savings and investment platforms in Nigeria.

Piggyvest, initially known as Piggybank, was founded on January 7, 2016, with the aim of helping people develop the habits of savings.

As the platform kept gaining ground, it later introduced investment opportunities for people to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

Though it is an online investment platform, Piggyvest still has it’s physical/offline office located in Victoria Island, Lagos.

With many features provided by Piggyvest, entrepreneurs can easily invest and earn daily in Nigeria without doing any extra work.

There are about 6 investment options on piggyvest:

  1. Core Savings
  2. Target Savings
  3. Safelock
  4. Investify
  5. Flex Naira
  6. Flex Dollar.

(i). Core Savings

This option helps people to save/invest part of their money either on weekly basis or on monthly basis.

The option is also known as the Autosave because customers can set a specific period of time which a particular amount of their money would be deducted by the system automatically.

In this option, investors earn up to 10% returns of their investment on yearly basis. Meanwhile this interest is always paid monthly.

Investors in this option can withdraw their money every three months and may also decide to set a day to withdraw their money without any charge.

But if an investor withdraws his money aside these five days set for withdrawal in a year, he would be charged 5% transaction fee. The transaction fee is meant to discipline investors to resist the temptation of touching their money unnecessarily.

(ii). Target Savings

This is another option on piggyvest that would help you to invest and earn daily in Nigeria. Though it is meant to help people save for a particular goal, it also provides great investment opportunity for customers.

In this option, you can earn up to 8% interest of investment in on yearly basis.

(iii). Safelock

This feature enables you to put your money and lock it; it would really help you a lot especially if you are not so discipline in saving money.

Once you lock your money, you may not be able to have access to it again until it’s maturity date; meanwhile you would be earning up to 12.5% annual interest of your investment in this option, and it’s paid upfront.

(iv). Investify

This option makes it possible for you to be able to choose the particular field you would invest your money. For example: you may choose agric investments (like Cassava, poultry, etc), Cryptocurrency investments, and so on.

Meanwhile, with a minimum of N5,000, you can start this investment and earn up to 25% returns on investment for a period 6 – 12 months.

(v). Flex Naira

This is another option on piggyvest that makes it possible for people to invest and earn daily in Nigeria. The option pays 8% annual interest of your investment.

But if you withdraw more than three times in a month, you may lose the interest for that month.

(vi). Flex Dollar

This feature makes it possible for people to save their money in foreign currency like Dollars, Pounds, Euros and so on. The option pays 5% interest of your investment on yearly basis.

4. Cowrywise (

Cowrywise is another legit platform where people can invest and earn daily in Nigeria. It is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria that came to bring financial freedom to people.

Cowrywise was launched in 2017 by Razaq Ahmed and Edward Popoola, and it operates almost in the same way with Piggyvest.

As one of the known genuine investment platforms in Nigeria, Cowrywise is said to have partnered with companies like Afrinvest, United Capital, Meristem and so on.

Unlike Piggyvest that has 6 options, Cowrywise investment platform has just about three major categories:

  1. Plan
  2. Save
  3. Invest.

Among the three categories, the “Invest” category is the one that provides the opportunity for people to invest and earn daily. In this, investors can earn 10% of their investments on a yearly basis.

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5. Risevest (

If you are a business minded fellow who has been searching for where to invest and earn daily in Nigeria, then Risevest would be a great opportunity for you.

Risevest is one of the investment platforms in Nigeria that has lifted many entrepreneurs from zero to hero. It iss an investment platform in Nigeria that helps people to invest in dollars.

Risevest Investment platform was founded in 2019 by by Eke Urum and his Co-founders: Bosun Olanrewaju, and Tony Odiba. Though it’s online investment platform, Risevest still have their offline office located in Yaba, Lagos.

One interesting thing about Risevest investment is that it doesn’t require much capital to get started; with a minimum of just $10, one can start to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

On Risevest investment platform, there are about 3 major ways that investors can invest and earn daily in Nigeria:

  1. Stocks
  2. Real Estate
  3. Fixed Income.

 1. Stocks

This category provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs to invest and earn daily in Nigeria, by simply investing in some US companies like:

Coca-Cola, Alibaba, Tesla, Google, Apple, and so on. The category promises 14% return for your investment on annual basis.

Though this category of investment is regarded by Risevest as a high-risk investment, but you can still hit your cool money if you have the heart to take risks.

2. Real Estates

Real Estates is another category of Risevest where you can invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

It is no doubt that real estates have being one of the fast-growing business fields today.

By investing in Risevest real estates, you can earn a whooping profit of 15% interest of your investment in a year.

Meanwhile, Risevest regards this category as a medium-risk investment category.

 3. Fixed Income

Risevest has regarded this category as the best investment option for those that don’t need any risk, and want to have their money 99.9% protected, in a secure, appreciating currency.

It is known to be a low risk investment option, as there is no fear losing your money.

With a minimum of $10, you can easily invest and earn up to 10% return of your investment in a year.


6. Investment One (

Thinking of a secure Platform to invest and earn daily in Nigeria? Then “Investment One” can never be left aside, as it has been helping the lives of entrepreneurs for ages.

It is one of the online investment platforms in Nigeria where you can entrust your money and sleep with your two eyes closed, being sure that your money is very safe.

Knowing that “Investment One” is a subsidiary of the popular GT Bank, further proves it’s authenticity beyond others.

It was founded in 2007 and subsequently incorporated in 2008, and since then has really turned many entrepreneurs from zero to great investors.

There are some Investment options that are available on this investment platform:

1. Funds Management

This option helps investors to manage their mutual funds and investment schemes. Some of the mutual fund opportunities investors can venture are:

ABACUS Money Market fund, Vantage Guaranteed Income fund, Vantage Equity Income fund, Vantage Balanced fund and Vantage Dollar fund.

By investing in this option, you would be earning up to 2.42% – 14.12% in a year.

2. Stockbroking

This investment option is is licensed as a broker or stock dealer, and is made for entrepreneurs who want to go into the stock market.


7. Payday Investor (

This is another investment platform that provides avenue for entrepreneurs to invest and earn daily in Nigeria.

Payday investors is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria, and is known to be a subsidiary of the Asset & Resource Management Holding Company (ARM).

Payday investors is one of the online investment company in Nigeria that don’t really require your huge capital before you would invest on their platform, with a minimum of just N1,000, you can start to invest and earn daily in Nigeria without any additional effort.

There are about three category of investment on payday investors, they are:

  1. Goal-Based
  2. Group Goals
  3. One-Time Investment.
  1. Goal-Based Investment

Just as the name implies, it is the option that helps you save for a particular purpose, while still earning some Percentage from your savings.

It could be that you want to build a house in the next years; this option will help you to be saving some part of your money either monthly or daily; and would still be paying you some interest as a percentage of the money you have saved so far.


2. Group Goals

This is also targeted at saving for a particular goal. But unlike the Goal-Based which is for individuals, Group Goals is an option that helps a group of people or partners to save for a particular goal, while still earning some Percentage of their savings as income.

3. One-Time Investment

Just like the normal fix deposit we know, One-time investment is an option where you put a large amount of money and allow it for a long period of time.

During this period, you would be earning some Percentage from your savings.


8. I-Invest (

I-Invest is one of the legit investment platforms in Nigeria that have gained undoubted customer trust.

It is one of the best Nigeria investment company that pays weekly where you can invest and earn daily even while you sleep.

It was founded by Parthian Partners Limited and is regulated by the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC).

I-Invest has been known to be one of the the online investment platforms in Nigeria that make it possible for entrepreneurs to invest in Treasury bill.

Investing in this platform may not really require huge amount of money; as you can start easily venture into the investment with just a token of N 100,000.

In case you are interested in investing on I-Invest, there are actually about three options that are available for investment:

  1. Trust Bills
  2. Eurobonds
  3. EIuities.

1. Treasury Bills

This option provides opportunity for short-term investment. They are known to be debt instrument issued by the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Central Bank.

2. Eurobonds

In this option, investments are issued mostly in foreign currency. They are issued by the Federal Government, Companies, and International Organizations.

3. Equities

Equities deals mostly on stock, and these stocks are always listed publicly on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market. Investment in this option is done by purchasing shares of a particular company.

This is an amount invested in a company by purchasing shares of that company in the stock market. These stocks are publicly listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange Market.


9. Trove (

Trove was founded in 2018 by Oluwatomi Solanke, and is one of the investment platforms in Nigeria that deal with investments in stocks, bonds, ETFs, and so on.

On Trove, you can invest in companies like Netflix, Facebook, Dangote, Apple, Uber, and so on, and you can start your investment with as low as $10.


10. Bamboo

Bamboo is also one of the investment platforms in Nigeria that deal with investments in foreign stocks.

It was founded in 2019 by Richmond Bassey and Yanmo Omorogbe, and since then has built strong strong ground for wealth creation.

In Bamboo investment platform, you can invest in some companies like: GT Bank, Tesla, Google, Unilever, Zenith, Intel, Paypal, Apple and so on.

Meanwhile, you may not really need much capital to start your investment, as a minimum of $20 has already made you an investor on the platform.


11. ( is one of the best investment platforms in Nigeria that allows investors to make choices of the particular field they want to invest their money.

These fields may include: Agriculture, Real Estates, and you can also invest as fixed income. was founded in 2019 by WealthTech Limited, which is an affiliate of Sankore Securities.

The four major categories of investments available on are:

  1. Fixed Income
  2. Stocks
  3. Real Estates
  4. Agriculture.

1. FixStocksome

This option is a very low-risk investment option, where you can invest in either Treasury bill or invest in bonds.

The minimum investment amount in Treasury bill is just just N10,000; while that of Bonds is about $500.

Meanwhile, you would be earning up to 13% interest of your investment in a year.

2. Stocks

This investment options deals mostly on stocks, where you can invest in some companies like:

Google, Microsoft, Wema, Transcorp, and so on. unlike the fixed income, this option seems to have some risks associated with it, and this is why you need to make some researches before investing in this option.

3. Real Estate

Real Estates investment has been a very lucrative business in the present time, and it always requires a huge some of money to invest in this field.

But the interesting thing is that investment platform has made it possible that you can invest in real Estates with as low as N10,000; and still be able to earn up to 18.7% of your investment in a year.

4. Agriculture

One interesting thing about that it provides this option for those that are always interested to invest in agriculture.

In this option, investors can invest in some Agricultural products like Cocoa, Maize, Sorghum and so on; and would be able to earn up to 22% return in a year.

If you are able to analyze all other investment options, you would notice that agricultural investment is one of the best investment options that promise the highest return for investors.

Also, agricultural investment has been regarded as the safest investment you you can ever think of; as there are few to no risk associated to it.

Just as known, Agriculture remains the most promising source of Nigeria Economy in the future; and those that have understood this, have also started making their focus on Agriculture.

There are many people today that have ventured in Agriculture and are really doing well in the field. In the same vein, there are also those that are highly interested in going fully  into agriculture inorder to harness the potential there.

But some of them may have been discouraged because of lack of Agricultural skills or because they don’t know how to go about the farming processes.

But I want to tell you that even if you don’t know anything about farming, you can still harness this economic potential in Agriculture, by simply investing in other farmers.

This particular reason was what gave birth to many agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria today, which have been helping lovers of Agriculture to achieve their financial goals.

These Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria are platforms where you can easily invest your money safely, and watch it grow like grass.

For example; if you invest in any of these Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria, the platform would use the money to sponsor some farmers that are looking for sponsors.

At the end of the family season, the profits made from the farm produce would be shared between you (the investor), the platform and the farmer; in an agreed percentage.

So, if you really want to invest exclusively in Agriculture, and have been looking for some Agricultural investment platforms in Nigeria, where you can entrust your wealth; then you may consider more of the platforms below:

  1. E-farm
  2. Smart Farm
  3. Farmcart
  4. Farminvest, and so on.

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What You Should Know Before Choosing Any Investment Platform In Nigeria:

  1. Authenticity

Today, there are many platforms that would always come up claiming to be an investment platform. These platforms would always promise a mouth-watery return of investments, just to lure their victims, which they would dupe later.

In most cases, I would always blame the victims because some of them fall because of greediness.

How would you believe that a company would give you 90% return of your investment in a month! I think anyone that believes in this kind of illusion and invest his money in such platform, is actually greedy.

This is similar to some of these online Ponzi Schemes that would always promise to double or triple your money within some hours.

All these Examples I have given above should never be regarded as investment platforms. Legit investment platforms in Nigeria would never act that way.

Before you invest your hard earned money in any platform, try as much as possible to study the platform very well.

Observe the kind of promises they make to investors, check to know if there are some of their investors you can relate, check if the platform is even registered, check if they have physical office, check if the Government is aware of the platform, check for the founder and when it was founded.


  1. Safety

Of course you can not afford to risk your hard earned money for nothing. Before you chose any of these investment platforms in Nigeria, there is need you check the investment options available in the platform, and go for the best option than would guarantee the safety of your money.


  1. Interest Rate

The major purpose of investing your money is actually to turn out for a cool profit. You can not really afford giving our your money to a platform, and not making any reasonable profit, after they might have used your money for business.

So, before investing your money in any investment platform in Nigeria, try to analyze their Percentage return on investment, to know if you would really be able to make out any reasonable profit from your money.


  1. Customer Support

Another important thing you should consider if you would really have a very easy access to the customer care of the platform.

Like, anytime you have any issue and you want to contact the platform, would you really be able to get feedback as you need?


  1. Transactions

The joy of business is the ability to run your transaction anytime you want without having any issue or challenge. So, before you choose any of these investment platforms in Nigeria, try to access if you would always find it easy to fund your account or withdraw your Profit at anytime you want.



Investment is synonymous to wealth. Show me a good investor, and I will show you a wealthy man.

There is no better way to achieving financial freedom than making investments. With a right investment, you would be sleeping while your money keeps growing like grass.

No matter how wealthy a wise man would be, he would still be looking for a better way to invest his money.

Online investment platforms in Nigeria are very real; don’t mistake them to Ponzi Schemes. Don’t allow the phobia of the fake Ponzi Schemes to scare you from achieving your financial freedom.

These investment websites can help you to invest and daily in Nigeria, even while you sleep.

For any investment platforms in Nigeria to be listed in this article, it means the platform has been tested and trusted to be legit.

Lookout for any of them and start growing in wealth!


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