Riad Al-Shuaibi, political adviser to the head of the Ennahda Movement Rached Ghannouchi, denied rumours that he had been investigated with regard to the source of his wealth.

Media sources had said that Ghannouchi was summoned on Saturday by the National Guard division in the El Aouina barracks in the capital, to investigate with him about the source of his wealth, which is estimated at 2.7 billion dinars ($1 billion).

Sharing a picture of himself with Ghannouchi, Riad Al-Shuaibi wrote: “If I was not near Mr. Ghannouchi during his remote meeting with members of the movement in the province of Monastir, I would believe the rumours because of how far they have spread.”

A few months ago, Ennahda announced that it filed lawsuits against several local media organisations after they spread misleading news about Ghannouchi’s large fortune, as well as his management of an “arms trade network” in the region.

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