Tunisian President Kais Saied has announced that there is no room for consultation with Tunisia’s political parties and civil organisations regarding forming the next government.

Saied stressed his rejection of “extortion and infiltration attempts” to impose a certain name to head the government.

During his meeting on Thursday evening with Prime Minister-designate Najla Bouden, Saied stated that the meeting: “Is part of the continuous consultation in order to form a government based on patriotism standards and the ability to work and achieve to create a new history for Tunisia and respond to the legitimate demands of the Tunisian people.”

He added: “Let everyone know that we will not submit to any blackmail or bargaining to impose certain choices, and we will not accept anyone’s interference in our choices. We are responsible before Allah and the people, but let anyone who wants to try to infiltrate and impose a certain name know that his attempts will fail.”

President Saied commissioned Bouden to form a new government, pointing out that Bouden and her next government team’s mission is to fight corruption and chaos and realise Tunisians’ demands.

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