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    Tunisia’s Ennahda stresses need to elect members of Constitutional Court


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    Tunisia’s Ennahda movement on Monday stressed the need to complete the election process for members of the Constitutional Court, which has been stalled by political disputes.

    A statement issued by the movement’s bloc in Parliament said: “The movement stresses the importance of completing the election process of the three members of the Constitutional Court.”

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    Ennahda movement added that the election will take place during the parliament’s plenary session scheduled for tomorrow.

    The statement also called for “consecrating more efforts to achieve consensus with the rest of the [political] blocs.”

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    The Constitutional Court includes 12 members, four of whom are elected by Parliament, four are chosen by the Supreme Judicial Council (an independent constitutional institution), and four others appointed by the President of the Republic.

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    The court is tasked with monitoring constitutional amendments, treaties, and draft laws, laws, and Parliament’s internal system, in addition to assessing the legality of maintaining the state of emergency and deciding on disputes related to the presidency and government.

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    Parliament has been unable to elect the court’s members as all political blocs have only backed their own candidates.

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