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Tanzania (EN)

[email protected]: Kambona announces prize for composer of national anthem

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By The Citizen Reporter

“Two more verses and a chorus are still needed for the current national anthem ‘Mungu ibariki Afrika’, and the song will be the new National Anthem for Tanganyika,” said the minister for Education, Mr Oscar Kambona, during a press conference in Dar es Salaam.

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The Minister announced a cash prize of Sh2,000 for a winning individual whose song would be selected by the committee while the first runner up would receive Sh1, 000.

The selection committee would invite two people to assist in the process and it was open for anyone with talent.

The competition was directed to go through the preparation committee before September 15, 1961. On top of the envelope the contender was supposed to write ‘Anthem’ and the language used may be either in Swahili or English.

Source: Busara Newspaper


United Kingdom support Tanganyika with 23 million pounds

The British government agreed to give Tanganyika financial support totalling 23 million Sterling Pounds whereby 13 million Sterling Pounds was directed for the implementation of the three-year development plan.

The Prime Minister Julius Nyerere told the press that the development funds were twice as much of what was promised by the UK government.

He added that unfortunately the two country’s governments did not have a good verbal exchange, but the discussion went on successfully.

He said: “We are sure that the visit of the Governor of Tanganyika Sir Richard Turnbull in London last week was helpful in the disbursement of such funds, as he put up a good word for the Tanganyika government,”

Source: Tanganyika Standard Newspaper

Nyerere graces Pan-Africa youth seminar in Dar

Nearly 70 to 100 members from different parts of Africa were expected to participate in the Pan-Africa’s second youths seminar in Dar city, graced by the prime minister Nyerere.

The 10-day seminar, which was conducted at the Msimbazi Community Centre in Dar es Salaam, went with an agenda ‘Youth’s place in facilitating unity and independence in Africa’.

Speakers includedpeople from Mozambique, Mali and Tanu’s leader from Kenya, Tom Mboya.

Organisers were the Tanu Youth League with their chairperson Joseph Nyerere and secretary Mbutta Mlando, in collaboration with the global youth association.

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Source: Tanganyika Standard Newspaper

Kenneth Kaunda arrives in Dar

August 1961 the leader of Northern Rhodesia, Mr Kenneth Kaunda, made an official visit to Tanganyika and was received by his hosts, the government ministers.

The reception took place at  the Dar airport led by minister for education Kambona, minister for Industry and Trade Nsilo Swaiand secretary of UNIP Sikota Wina, and acting secretary for Tanu Edward Barongo.

When he arrived at the airport in Dar es Salaam, Mr Kaunda, whose party was banned due to its freedom movements, spoke to reporters and said that “the ban does not provide any solution for the country as still the people need to be free and it cannot be done by being imprisoned. ”

Source: Tanganyika Standard Newspaper

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