U.S. Is One of the 10 Worst Countries for Racial Equality | Best Countries

The racial equality ranking for countries was developed using the racial equity score a country received and connecting it to the more than 17,000 survey respondents in the Best Countries survey who agreed moderately or strongly to the statement that “A country is stronger when It is more racially and ethnically diverse.” The Netherlands, Canada and New Zealand are seen as the top three countries, respectively, for racial equality.

Of the 78 countries assessed in the 2021 Best Countries report, the U.S. ranked 69th, or the 10th worst, for racial equality, finishing lower than China, a country the international community has condemned and imposed sanctions over its treatment of its Muslim Uyghur population. In November 2020 the FBI announced that hate crimes in the U.S. had risen to their highest levels in more than a decade.

A poll released in October 2020 by the nonpartisan Pew Research Center showed Americans are about evenly split over whether the increased focus on race and racial inequality will lead to major policy changes that address racial inequities. That same study showed a far greater proportion of Black respondents said they have been paying more attention to issues of race and racial inequality than white respondents.

Below are the 10 countries ranked as the worst for racial equality.

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