Undercover NTV Journalist Exposes How Police Sneak Convicts Out of Prison

  • NTV journalist Ngina Karori blew off the lid on corrupt dealings by National Police Service (NPS) officers that abet the release of convicts from prison.

    In a chilling undercover investigative piece aired on Sunday, July 24, the journalist tracked down the illegal release of Hussein Mumin Hassan, a felon imprisoned for two months before thereafter getting deported from the country.

    The suspect had been accused of being in the country illegally.

    The operation began by his relatives getting in contact with the officers at Pangani Station vide a middle man that successfully negotiated for a fee of Ksh190,000.

    Entrance to Pangani Police Station
    Entrance to Pangani Police Station.

    In the course of the investigation, Hussein’s relative and middle man are invited into the office of the Pangani OCS Samir Yunus, who is believed to be aiding in the suspect’s release. Hussein had just served for eight days.

    “He assured us the job will be done. He says other officers are watching him. By Monday, the job will be done and Hussein will be free by Friday,” the suspect’s relative is captured on video detailing his meeting with the Police.

    After a series of agreements, Hussein was finally set free in mid-April 2022, just five days after the team initiated the operation.

    When contacted by the journalist for comment over the release, Yunus denied any involvement and maintained that he did not take a bribe to aid the release of prisoners.

    A look into Yunus history showed that during his tenure as the OCS of Kamukunji Police Station, a Ugandan national escaped from jail. Three officers were charged with aiding the escape.

    Our attempts to reach the National Police Service (NPS) for comment were unfruitful as our calls went unanswered.

    According to the Kenya Police Penal Code (2009), however, ‘Any person who aids a prisoner in escaping or attempting to escape from lawful custody or conveys anything or causes anything to be conveyed into a prison with intent to facilitate the escape of a prisoner is guilty of a felony and is liable to imprisonment for seven years.’

    Those who aide prisoners of war to escape are liable of life imprisonment.

    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
    Hands resting on jail bars at a police station.
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