• Prisoners at Kamiti Maximum Prison on Thursday, January 13, staged protests inside their cells.

    Videos seen by Muhabarishaji.com showed police units on the rooftop with clobbers as prisoners attempted to break out of the highly guarded facility.

    Other prisoners who were inside their cells could be heard in the videos screaming and shouting as they issued warnings to the officers.

    Reports indicate that the prisoners were protesting the hardhandedness meted upon them after three of them escaped from the facility late last year.

    Another video showed some prisoners, who had gained access to the rooftop, hanging sheets and basking in the sun before officers manning the facility regained control.

    The prison has been under tight security since the escape of the three convicts.

    The three planned and executed their prison break on the night of Monday, November 15, in what the detectives led by Director of Criminal Investigations (DCI), George Kinoti, suspected was an inside job.

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