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South Africa

Weekend alcohol sales ‘set to return to SA’ | Muhabarishaji News

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One of the next lockdown laws that will be lifted by the government is likely to be restrictions on weekend alcohol sales. As it stands, liquor stores are only open from Monday to Friday, from 10:00 to 18:00. Although there are some legal ways around this ban, none of them benefit the dyed-in-the-wool weekday traders.

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When will weekend alcohol sales be allowed again?

That’s why calls to allow weekend alcohol sales are increasing this week. The government loosened restrictions on booze outlets on Sunday, but didn’t go the whole hog. Restaurants and bars must also close by 22:00, to accommodate the curfew at 23:00. But, with COVID-19 cases now dropping to low levels, liquor lovers can look forwards.

That’s according to Professor Charles Parry, anyway. The Director of the Alcohol and Tobacco Research Unit at the SAMRC believes a return to ‘normal trading’ is the best option available. The laws could be amended within 12 days’ time, as President Ramaphosa is set to make another decision on lockdown laws by 26 September.

The conditions are such that we can return to normal trading… I can agree with the MAC. I was expecting a return to normal trading… I suppose the idea is not to do it in one dramatic opening. I think there is some logic to it…

Charles Parry, SAMRC

Experts question logic of ongoing booze restrictions

Maryna Calow, from Wines of South Africa, also went public with her criticism of current liquor restrictions. Weekend alcohol sales haven’t been permitted in over three months, and businesses are in desperate need of help.

“Why is the retail still going on this prolonged extension of the sales ban over the weekends? We would love to hear the reasoning behind this extension because it simply does not make sense.” | Maryna Calow

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