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What does the cowboy emoji mean?

A yellow smiley wearing a wide-brimmed, brown-leather cowboy hat. Its smile varies across platforms. May convey a sense of exuberance, whimsy, confidence, adventure, or other sentiments. Several vendors, including Apple, feature the same expression as their 😃 Grinning Face With Big Eyes.

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What does the cowboy emoji mean in text?

The cowboy emoji has multiple meanings. According to, it can be used to communicate “exuberance, whimsy, confidence, adventure, or other sentiments.”

This smiling emoji can also be used in a literal sense to refer to an actual cowboy. It can also be used in conversation when discussing country music or other related topics.

What does the cowboy emoji mean for Gen Z?

However, some view the cowboy emoji in a different light. Many from Gen Z are not a fan of this emoji.

When asked about their emoji use and the meanings behind them, Gen Zers told CNN Business that this emoji now symbolizes “awkwardness.” It seems that the popular emoji may be past its prime.

What does the cowboy emoji mean?

There are multiple memes associated with the cowboy emoji. One can be referred to as the “Howdy, I’m the sheriff” meme. On July 10, 2017, an article by Intelligencer discussed the popular meme of the time.

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People took to Twitter to construct their own cowboy figures, with the cowboy emoji used as the head. They then came up with a caption that began with “Howdy, I’m the sheriff…”

The other trend related to this emoji is called the Sad Cowboy Emoji meme, and it was also popular in 2017. It combines the standard cowboy emoji and one of the sad-looking emojis.

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As discussed by the website Know Your Meme, Twitter users began using this meme to make jokes about being in various types of unhappy situations.


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