What Happened to Hive Social?

Hive Social is a social media platform with a hybrid model between Instagram and Twitter. The app suddenly became popular; however, Hive Social briefly took down its servers in December 2022. Are you wondering why this abrupt shutdown took place?

We’ll take a detailed look at the rise of Hive Social, the reasons behind its servers being taken down, its re-emergence, and the current state of this social media app.

What Happened to Hive Social: A Brief History

From sudden popularity to abrupt shutdown, join us as we take a quick dive into the timeline of Hive Social.

The period after the development of Hive Social by Raluca Pop (also known as Kassandra Pop) and its launch in 2019 were pretty unremarkable. Although the platform seamlessly combined the features of various popular social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr, it wasn’t very popular. However, things suddenly changed when Elon Musk bought Twitter.

Not everyone was happy with Musk’s changes, so people began switching to other social media platforms. Hive Social proved to be a potential alternative to Twitter. It saw a sudden and massive increase in popularity, hitting 1.5 million users in 2022.

Security Concerns and the Hive Social Shutdown

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Since its first release, Hive Social has had a serious flaw: a very small team. This wasn’t much of a problem when Hive Social wasn’t popular. However, as it gained over a million users, that small team wasn’t enough to keep up.

The main problem this presented was a lack of app security. Many vulnerabilities were discovered in the app, which could be a potential source of a data breach. Hackers could access private posts and deleted messages of the users on the platform.

These security concerns were raised by German hacker collective Zerforschung.

With these security concerns being raised, Hive Social had to fix these issues before a significant data breach occurred. So the team decided to shut down its servers to fix the security concerns. The news of the shutting down of Hive Social was posted on Twitter.

The server shutdown was intended to be a preventive measure because if the servers were online, a data breach could happen before the team could fix the issues.

Hive Social Makes a Comeback

Hive Social’s services were out for two weeks as the security issues were being addressed. The servers were back online by December 15, 2022. During these two weeks, the security concerns were addressed according to the Hive Social team, and the platform was also better optimized.

Hive Social is gaining popularity due to its tons of different features. With Hive Social, you can create polls and share photos and videos. There are also various themes you can choose from, allowing you to make the app more personalized.

However, its reputation didn’t emerge unscathed from its security debacle.

Hive Social: An Uncertain Future

Hive Social has seen a lot of ups and downs during its run until now. From obscurity to sudden popularity, this platform has earned its spot among emerging social media platforms.

With the security problems exposed, it is easy not to trust Hive Social. However, those looking for Twitter alternatives may still see the app as a potential option.


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