What Is YouTube Music? Everything You Need to Know About the Music Streaming Service

Whether you’re working, driving, exercising, or simply relaxing, listening to music can add a pleasurable, feel-good aspect to any activity. In fact, music has some benefits that can be good for your health, too. A couple of these benefits include decreased stress levels and an overall improved mood.

You likely listen to music daily, but have you heard of YouTube Music? YouTube is usually the platform that people use to watch the latest music videos, so it’s not a shock that YouTube Music could be your next favorite music streaming service. Below is everything you need to know about YouTube music.

What Is YouTube Music?

Chances are that you use the normal YouTube platform to keep up with your favorite YouTubers as well as listen to music and watch music videos, but what exactly is YouTube Music? It all started as Google Play Music when Google wanted to provide a music streaming service like Spotify and Apple Music.

Google Play Music was later replaced with YouTube Music in 2020, which, at the time of writing, is becoming one of the most popular places for millions of people to listen to their favorite tunes. In simple terms, YouTube Music is where you can listen to official singles, new albums, top songs, the latest music videos, and personalized music mixes just for you. Plus, what makes YouTube Music unique is that you have the option to watch the accompanying music video.

How Does YouTube Music Work?

YouTube Music is similar to other music streaming platforms but sometimes goes unnoticed. It provides almost everything other music services do, including a massive library of different music artists, genres, and songs. Yet, YouTube music has a handful of things that make it unique.

The bad news is that you need to use the premium version to access the best features of YouTube Music. The good news is that it is extremely cheap, and you can test it out beforehand with a month-long free trial. You can use YouTube Music on your web browser or install YouTube Music on your PC or laptop.

Alternatively, a YouTube Music mobile app is free to download, but it still requires a paid subscription if you want to access the premium features. Before deciding whether you want to make YouTube Music your primary music streaming service, here are some noticeable features.​​​​​​​

Download: YouTube Music for iOS | Android (Free, subscription available)

YouTube Music Has No Ads

youtube music web browser songs videos

There is no obligation for you to upgrade to the premium version of YouTube Music. It’s completely free, does not require an account, and works fine as a basic way to listen to music. Sadly, the free version does not give you the best experience of the platform.

You won’t be happy with the free version if you get easily annoyed with adverts that pop up every few songs. Besides being completely affordable, the premium version of YouTube Music has some awesome perks.

Upgrading to premium allows you to access all music without the ads, download your favorite songs and videos for later, use background play, and use picture-in-picture (PiP). PiP is an excellent option when you want to stay active while watching TV.

YouTube Music Has a Massive Music Library

youtube music web browser explore page

Even though YouTube Music’s 70-million-track music collection is smaller than Spotify’s 80 million, it’s still a massive offering. The music content it provides is diverse, with anything from live performances and personalized mixes to covers, remixes, and the latest music videos.

The Explore page on YouTube Music is where you’ll find three main categories titled New Releases, Charts, and Moods & Genres. Besides these three, you can easily scroll down to browse through all the best music, divided into categories like Trending, Top Songs, New Albums, and Singles.

If you’re looking for something specific, their music collection consists of almost every single genre you can think of, from indie and alternative to rock, K-pop, and Christian music. Moreover, one of the most distinctive aspects of YouTube Music is the Moods and Moments feature.

YouTube Music Offers Moods and Moments

youtube music web browser moods moments genres

The truth is that YouTube Music’s Moods and Moments isn’t exactly something unique as other music streaming services like Spotify offer similar features. However, it is a pleasant feature that comes in handy when you can’t make up your mind about what you want to listen to.

Moods focuses on what you want to listen to based on how you feel. For example, the Feel Good category boasts music that can help you feel happy and confident, along with fun throwbacks, pop hits, and even feel-good rock music.

On the other hand, Moments centers on a particular time or occasion. A couple of the best moments include Black Lives Matter, Sleep, and Workout. The workout music, for instance, gives you access to a bunch of motivational music that’ll get you pumped in the gym.

How Much Does YouTube Music Cost?

As previously mentioned, there is a free version of YouTube Music available, and the main downside is that there are ads that arise every few songs. No, they don’t interrupt the song while it’s playing, like if you use the regular YouTube platform, but it’s still frustrating. Plus, if you’re used to using a platform without ads, it’s next to impossible to go back.

If you’re interested in using YouTube Music to its full capacity, there are a handful of payment options available. First is the simplest of the bunch—YouTube Premium. This option costs $9.99/month and gives you ad-free listening, downloads, and background play.

The second option is the Family Plan which costs $14.99/month. This option is obviously for larger families who all make use of YouTube, as it allows you to add up to five family members over the age of 13.

Last is the Student Plan, which comes in at a low price of only $4.99/month. If you want to take advantage of this plan, remember you have to confirm that you’re a student annually. Please note that all these payment options include a free trial where you can try out the platform for one month to see what you think. In addition, you always have the option to cancel your YouTube premium membership if the need ever arises.

Should You Switch Over to YouTube Music?

YouTube Music has become super popular over time. And compared to other music streaming options like Spotify, YouTube Music is incredibly similar. The pricing and music content are somewhat the same, but YouTube Music is a better option if you’re really into music videos.

So does it compare to other music streaming services, and should you switch over? YouTube Music is more than enough if you’re happy with a simple and cheap service that allows you to stream music, find new songs and artists, save playlists and download songs for offline use. Plus, the fact that you can watch music videos, too, is an awesome feature.


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