Which Software Do You Use to Organize Your Photos? [Poll]

Whether you capture memories through your smartphone’s camera or through a professional DSLR camera, they need to be organized in one place for you to fully appreciate and look back on them.

There may not be a single photo organizing software that’s considered the best for everyone, because it’s dependent on individual needs. But which photo-organizing software is your go-to?


Google Photos

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If you have an Android phone, there’s a good chance you use Google Photos as your photo organization software. Google Photos already comes preinstalled on Android phones, and a lot of people use Gmail as their primary email program. This makes it incredibly easy to swap between Google Photos on your smartphone and on your web browser, and there’s no need to sign up for a new account or similar.

Plus, Google Photos is equipped with some AI technology to help automate the organization process and allow you to search through your photos with a keyword, like “cat” or “flower.” Google Photos makes it easy to organize your photos, edit them, and even order prints or photobooks directly through the app to be delivered to your door.

Apple Photos

Alternatively, if you have an iPhone, Apple Photos might be your first choice when you think about organizing your photos. Any photo you take on your iPhone or iPad automatically lives in the Apple Photos app, and you can edit your shots in the app too.

You can organize your photos with albums or folders in Apple Photos, or you can search for places, people, events, and so on with Apple’s intelligent search suggestions. If you also have a Mac, it’s almost a guarantee you use Apple Photos to organize all your pictures.

Amazon Photos, Adobe Bridge, or Something Else


Adobe Bridge program interface open showing a photo library
Image Credit: Adobe

If you don’t use one of the big two—Google Photos or Apple Photos—the next two most popular options are Amazon Photos and Adobe Bridge. Both software options offer a wide array of organization features, and both are a great pick if you want something that’s not built for Android or iOS specifically.

Amazon Photos offers unlimited storage for free to its Prime members, or you get 5GB of free storage if you’re not a Prime member. By using Amazon Photos, you can access your photos from any device, use keywords to sort through them, and order photo prints for your home.

Adobe has a ton of different photo-organizing tools, but Adobe Bridge is the most popular option for content creation or casual photo organization. There’s also Adobe Lightroom, which isn’t free like Bridge is, but it offers a more complex editing suite.

These certainly aren’t all the options for photo-organizing software, so if you have one that you use and love, be sure to mention it in the comments!

How Do You Keep Your Photos Organized?

Personally, I turn to Google Photos because it’s easy. My smartphone runs Android and comes with Google Photos built in, and I have multiple Google accounts to access Photos with on my laptop. Everything is naturally integrated well across the platforms I use, and I don’t need that much storage, so it’s free.

Which software do you use to organize your photos? And do you only use this particular software because it’s the most compatible with your devices, or is there another reason you love it?


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