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Dar es Salaam. Correct data science holds a great significance during the Covid-19 period, because it will be helpful for scientists and governments to create proper interventions, experts have advised.

On the second day of the Data Tamasha event, science teachers from the Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) discussed how data science has played a key role in the current digital economy.

Local scientist also discussed the importance of tackling the misinformation which is now prevalent as a result of social media and globalisation.

IHI’s science researcher Dr Isaac Lyatuu stated that by making scientific data public a country is able to understand and estimate its position and/or development compared to other countries and thus make proper efforts to achieve targeted goals.

He said the issuance of Covid-19 data which the country is now submitting to the WHO, helps the public and private stakeholders make proper decisions.

“It helps the government to make informed decisions, such as distribution of resources, preventive campaigns, and vaccinations rollout,” he said.


In tackling the misinformation through social media, researcher and science communication expert Dr Isaac Maro said Tanzania has yet to utilise its social media space for educational objectives.

“Many people have been tuning to social media platforms for gossip or sharing experiences which is good but we can still do better on that space by using it for sharing more informative content,” said Dr Maro.

 Dr Maro said that it is a challenge for scientists to make sure they package the scientific knowledge in a more simple and understandable way so that common individuals can understand.

Data Tamasha is a biennial event that showcases the role of data in development and how data can make a difference in communities.

The event brings together data enthusiasts, leaders and practitioners across industries, private and public sector, academia, and civil society organisations

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