Legendary boxing promoter, Bob Arum, has explained why he cancelled the final Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder face-off.

Fury and Wilder were set for a traditional stare down at the end of their final press conference on Wednesday.

But Arum and Frank Warren, who represent Fury, called it off and the heavyweight boxers departed at either side of the stage without coming face-to-face.

However, Arum believes it would have been irresponsible to allow Fury and Wilder to face off during the final press conference ahead of their trilogy fight in Las Vegas this weekend, adding that they insulted each other with words.

“They insult each other with words, okay. But then put them together like they’re f*****g dogs? I mean, s**t, we are human beings,” Arum was quoted by Metro UK as saying.

“They bring these women [Abdo] in from the UK and she’s slanting the press conference to Wilder, I don’t give a damn, but it is obvious that is what she was doing.

“She knew that the understanding was no face-off. We said no face-off and what does she say? “Let’s do the face-off.” F*** her and f*** them. There was no face-off and we saved the fight.”