• The Kenya Railways Corporation (KRC), has issued a notice to their passengers, cautioning against disorderly conduct at the stations and when boarding the trains. 

    In a report issued on Friday, October 8, KRC stated that apart from offering transport, they give priority to ensuring that their passengers are comfortable. 

    Because of that, the corporation has warned that they will not take lightly any actions that may disrupt the peace and comfort of the people at the stations and the ones boarding the train. 

    “Kenya Railways hereby notifies passengers that engaging in actions that cause or are likely to cause a breach of pace at the railway stations is strictly prohibited,” an excerpt from the notice reads. 

    Kenya Railways MD Philip Mainga (standing) and Nzoia Sugar MD Wanjala Makokha address the media on Thursday, January 28, 2021

    In particular, Kenya Railways has prohibited all forms of violence against their staff and passengers. 

    “These include but are not limited to playing unreasonably loud music, dancing, use of threatening and/or abusive language, violent acts, shouting, fighting and other forms of misdemeanor,” the notice states. 

    The corporation further stated that no alcoholic drinks shall be allowed in the stations and the trains as well. 

    Further, if you are found drunk, you shall not access the station’s premises, as they consider any drunk person disorderly. 

    Notably, they stated that anyone who shall be caught dunk on the trains shall be kicked out immediately, and if the train has already departed, they shall be forced to disembark in the next station. 

    The management has stated that those who will flout these laid out rules shall be punished in accordance with the law. 

    “Any person intentionally or seen to have the intention to disturb the peace at the railway stations or onboard the trains shall be guilty of an offence and liable to punishment under the Alcoholic Drinks Control Act 2010; Sec 33,” the notice reads. 

    They have therefore asked their passengers to display their best possible conduct while at the railway stations. 

    A Kenya Railways DF8B locomotive.FILE
    A Kenya Railways DF8B locomotive.FILE
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