Sorry, were people asking for this, or did we miss something? Retail giants Woolworths have launched a new product for October, and they’re hoping it’s going to be a winner at our summer braais: The new ‘hake sausage’ – which puts a fish twist on the meat classic – has now hit the shelves at Woolies stores across the country.

But will the people take to it?

Hake sausage splits opinion online

Look, there have been some daring combinations over the years that have won us over: Garlic bread, cheesecake, peanut butter… sometimes the marriage of two food items can be a roaring success. But we’ve already seen two schools of thought open up online, between the repulsed and the curious…

The best of times, the wors of times…

Woolies, keen to stress their ethical commitments, say that the hake sausages are made with ‘sustainably sourced hake and kingklip, and fresh parsley’. The product IS halaal, and it’s on sale for R99, for a pack of eight.

“This item is made with sustainably sourced hake and kingklip, and fresh parsley. Our fish products are always responsibly sourced. We work with local and international organisations to meet sustainable seafood commitments.”

Woolies hoping for ‘summer smash’ with hake sausage

Johann Biermann, the man behind the initial post that sparked an intense debate, at first expressed his hesitancy in tasting the hake sausage: But after his post went viral, Woolies officially reached out to him – and offered the surprised shopper a gift card so he could at least ‘try it out’. So all’s well that ends well, right?

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