Would You Rather Go Without Sugar for a Week, or Not Use the Internet for a Week?

Would it be easier to go without treats, or not use any internet-connected services? Tell us what you think!

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Trying to answer the question of whether you’d go without consuming sugar or without using the internet seems like it’d be easy. After all, the internet is necessary for important daily tasks, plus it’s nice to have around for entertainment after a long day. Many people—me, included—like to unwind with something sweet after dinner as well, whether it’s a bowl of ice cream or a single square of chocolate.

If you had to give one up completely for an entire week, which would it be?

We Use the Internet Every Day…

There was a time before the internet, and it seems logical to many of us that we could last a day, a week, a month, or more without using the internet. But when you really think about it, could you?

Think about a typical day of your life. When you wake up, do you use any smart morning routines that involve your lights or your morning coffee? While you’re getting ready, do you stream a podcast, TV show, or music via Wi-Fi, or maybe load up the ever-useful Google Maps to check for the latest traffic info on your commute?

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For many of us, our jobs rely on the internet as well. You need to email coworkers throughout the day, look up quick answers to questions, or do other job-related tasks. In this analogy, we’ll assume you’re either off work for the week or you can only use the internet at your job for professional use.

What about when you need to relax at the end of the day? Do you like to scroll through your favorite websites and catch up on new articles, stream your latest obsession on Netflix, or play an online game with friends? Would it really be worth it to give all that up just to have your favorite sweet at the end of the day?

…But Sugar Is Highly Addictive

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While the internet can certainly be addictive too, there’s more of a physical addiction possible with sugar. As discussed by Rutgers, many studies have been done comparing sugar addiction with addiction to opioid drugs like cocaine, showing that the two are very similar. Pretty crazy, right?

If you’ve ever tried to go cold turkey with eating sweets, you probably know how difficult it is. Your body physically craves the sugar you’re denying it, but could you give up sugar for a week if the alternative was giving up the use of the internet?

Which Would You Go Without: Sugar or the Internet?

I’m so used to the internet powering practically every task—autopay for bills, a neverending Instagram feed, checking insurance claims, finding a dinner recipe, and so on. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nightly dessert, but I don’t think I would ever choose sugar over the internet. What about you?


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