Zarif deplores use of US sanctions as ‘leverage’ against Iran

Zarif deplores use of US sanctions as 'leverage' against Iran

In a tweet on Friday, Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote, “Those who succumbed to Trump’s lawless bullying for 4 yrs—to protect their skin at OUR people’s expense—now condemn his assault on the rule of law.

But still, try to use his #EconomicTerrorsm against Iran as “leverage”

If you can’t grow a spine, gain foresight—for your own sake.”

Following the US president’s controversial measures inside the US, Iran’s top diplomat Zarif expressed concern over Trump’s ‘unchecked’ authority over nuclear bombs on Thursday.

Earlier in the day, Trump protesters stormed the US Capitol building, destroying property and seizing the rotunda room, as Congress was trying to certify the results of Democrat Joe Biden’s presidential victory.

Many senators and representatives, as well as European leaders, have blamed Trump for inciting violence after the election and particularly in last night’s incidents.

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