Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio

Accessing great analytics has always been a challenge for marketers. So much of the data produced is confusing, hard to read, and doesn’t contribute meaningfully. But business intelligence (BI) software like Zoho Analytics and Google Data Studio gather, process, and deliver data in an easy-to-follow way.

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio

Data visualization, modeling, and practical integrations with other tools make these two platforms an excellent choice for any organization. Still, you only need one BI solution, so which should it be?

The answer isn’t straightforward and the software which will work best for your needs depends on several factors. That’s why we’re going to dive deep and compare these two analytics and business intelligence tools.

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: An Overview

Before we review both BI platforms, it’s crucial to point out that as of October 2022, Google Data Studio became Google Looker Studio or just Looker Studio.

They used to be two business intelligence platforms from Google, but the company has unified. All the features available in Google Data Studio are available in Looker Studio.

While Google rebranded their BI tools, Zoho Analytics has held the same name since the mid-1990s. The company has an excellent track record in terms of services and data security. Typical users of Zoho Analytics are both freelancers and organizations of all sizes.

Zoho Analytics 3

The platform’s interface is available in 15 languages, including English, French, Danish, Arabic, Turkish, Hebrew, Japanese, and Hindi. Zoho Analytics is a self-service analytics and BI tool that provides insights into significant data.

The Looker Studio is a Google product. As such, it will be familiar to anyone who has a Google account. The platform’s interface works in 37 languages and supports 59 international currencies. Whichever language your Google account is set to, Looker Studio will use it by default.

Google Data Studio 1 1

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: Pricing

Both Zoho Analytics and Google Data or Google Looker Studio have several subscription solutions. Zoho Analytics offers a free plan designed for small-end reporting needs.

Zoho Analytic Price

It supports two users, five workspaces, and 10,000 rows in a single account. The basic paid plan costs $30 per month but is billed annually. However, they also offer bulk pricing packages for enterprises, but those are customized.

Google Looker Studio is also available for free, and many organizations rely on it for basic data analytics and reporting. But there’s also Google Looker Pro which links the platform to the Google Cloud project. Pricing for this plan isn’t available, and users need to reach out to Google direct sales to find out how much the service costs.

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: Data Visualization

Zoho Analytics and Looker Studio offer unlimited reports and dashboards for free and premium users. In fact, in terms of data visualization, their features are similar.

Data Visualization Zoho Analytic

They offer a wide variety of charts, pivot tables, ad hoc reporting, static and interactive filters, and more. Still, there are a few notable differences.

For example, Zoho Analytics offers geo charts, customizable reports, and branding, whereas Looker Studio doesn’t. On the other hand, Looker Studio supports embeddable maps and radial mapping.

Google Data Studio 2

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: Platform Compatibility

You can access Zoho Analytics and Looker Studio using most browsers working on Windows, macOS, and Linux. Zoho Analytics also has a dedicated iOS and Android mobile app that works well and keeps you informed.

Zoho mobile

Of course, because Looker Studio is a Google product, it’s also available as a Looker Mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.

It’s also really important to highlight that using Looker Studio comes with a few prerequisites. You need to have a Google account and live in a country that supports the use of Google products.

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: Ease of Use

Most business intelligence tools require time and dedication to master properly. However, some have steeper learning curves than others. In general, Zoho Analytics is the go-to choice for those with little to no experience with data analytics.

Since it auto-generates reports, Zoho Analytics is unlikely to overwhelm beginner users. It doesn’t mean the platform doesn’t have everything an advanced user may need, only that anyone can learn how to use it. The user-friendly interface makes exploring the tool easier and more enjoyable.

Interface-wise, Google Looker Studio resembles many other Google products. That’s comforting to some and not challenging enough to others. The platform allows easy access to Looker content and ensures easy sharing and collaboration.

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: Integrations

We can also measure the quality and performance of any business intelligence software by its possibility for integration. Depending on what kind of organization you run, the choices available can impact your final decision.

The good news is that both Zoho Analytics and Google Looker Studio integrate well with many other tools like Dropbox, Google Ads, HubSpot 360, Meta for Business, Xero, Excel, Twitter, and others.

ZohoIntegrations 1

However, neither works with Zapier, Snowflake, or Tableau. These are the integrations they have in common, but let’s also look at the differences.

Zoho Analytics doesn’t work with Marketo Engage and Slack. But Looker Studio isn’t compatible with Microsoft Azure and Shopify.

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: Security

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of data protection in personal and business settings. Two-factor authentication is an efficient security measure, and Zoho Analytics includes it in their safety protocols. They also require users to implement various permissions and authorizations to control who can see and share specific data.

Google Looker Studio is also secure, as it prompts users to set sharing permissions and verify changes. The business intelligence software has an ISO 27001 certification, the most widely recognized security standard. Therefore, in terms of data security, both BI solutions are the best in the industry.

Zoho Analytics vs. Google Data Studio: Who Wins?

As all data analytics and business intelligence platforms generally compete well on the market, it’s challenging to proclaim one as a winner.

Regardless of size, many organizations will benefit from either Zoho Analytics or Looker Studio. Perhaps with recent rebranding, Google is trying to make significant changes to the service. But Zoho Analytics remains reliable and continues to expand the number of features and integrations.

Which BI platform do you think would be better for you? Let us know in the comments section below.


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